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Thread: Labyrinth!

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    Default Labyrinth!
    Remember that wooden table with the metal ball you use to roll around?
    It's been developed for the iphone!
    There is no goal right now, and it flashes like crazy on my phone, but this is a great step! Get it on Installer!

    From the author:
    Labyrinth is the iPhone version of the classic game where you control a steel ball by tilting a wooden labyrinth. It is controlled by the iPhone accelerometer and is, as far as I know, the first iPhone game rendered using OpenGL ES.

    Thanks to Erling Ellingsen for the accelerometer code and to Allen Porter for the iPhone OpenGL init stuff.

    Author: Carl Loodberg
    Please send feedback and suggestions to: loodberg AT gmail DOT com

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    Just tried it out. Pretty good start! Few things. As Dash said, the flashing can be annoying. There is not enough friction on the ball; it's too bouncy. No point to the game. Looking forward to a future release.

  4. #4 it's really the new Nissan "Rogue" commercial, in an iPhone app, eh?

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    sweet I waited for this to come out but never bothered to ask because I never knew what it was called! But other then that good job on making the game controls are good and I hope to see levels in the future releases and the flashing fixed up till then

    Typed from my iPhone

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    Anyone have a mirror to the file. Installer errors out "cannot find source."

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    SO cool! i've been waiting for this one! definitely looking forward to future updates!!
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    i dont get flashing it runs smooth here just wish there was a game to it

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    someone give me a screenshot
    MyPhone is better than yours

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    I can't get a Dock screenshot. It's just black on every picture..

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    Updated in installer, seems a little better.

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    It now bounces a lot less. =D
    But it still flashes and they added a hole!

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    They didn't add a hole... they added a goal! I went to the new hole and fell in it and went to another level I haven't tried to see if there are any more yet though. Hopefully the goal will be made more obvious soon, but still looking good.

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    Hey, thanks for the tip kfam76!
    Very cool =D

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    fun but level 2 it way to hard =p. and the position of the holes makes no sense. And it still bounses to mutch. But its really fun and i great start! The controls is great.

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    I think Level 2 is impossible. There's just too many holes to get by at 2 points.

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    Just made 3 levels

    level 1
    level 2
    level 3
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    Nice work!!! how did you do that?

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    Good work on the new levels. Hopefully theres a GUI to make new levels soon.

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    wow this is very interesting. This just shows how creative people are getting with development. I am very excited to see what people will come up with when the sdk kit is released. Good job man

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