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Thread: Labyrinth!

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    Lvl 2 isn't impossible, just beat it =P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rofleren View Post
    Just made 3 levels

    level 1
    level 2
    level 3

    you should really work on the level design, level 2 should be level 15. try not making the beginning levels so hard. gradually move up difficulty.

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    love the puzzle, any sight on a fix of the flashing in the near future? only thing that keeps me from using it.

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    mine runs good but level 2 is hard! sweet app though

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    ive created 12 different levels for those who are stuck in lvl 2 these are very easy compared to the one there
    these are in txt files so all you need to do is copy and past to labyrinth folder in applications

    here's the link http://*****

    ***** = rapid
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    Quote Originally Posted by kjs8806 View Post
    ive created 12 different levels for those who are stuck in lvl 2 these are very easy compared to the one there
    these are in txt files so all you need to do is copy and past to labyrinth folder in applications

    here's the link http://*****

    ***** = rapid
    Upload it to our Download section and you won't have a problem. =D
    On the other hand, GREAT levels.
    Thank you so much!

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    Continue where you left off when you start the game would be great

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    Level 2 is really easy, you can complete it in under 3 seconds

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    the controls are awesome, but still 2 much bouncing imho. this is an app that u can use for showing what the iphone is capable off.

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    Will be great as it develops!

    Yes as mentioned,
    #1 - Bounces WAY too much its supposed to be a steel metal ball not a rubber bouncy ball.
    #2 - I still get flashing.
    #3 - On the first level if I hold my phone straight up and down and when it loads the ball it will fall all the way down to the bottom through two walls.
    #4 - yeah a cool GUI make your own level thing would be cool.

    As with all things I'm sure its all in time. No rush! But Love it!

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    the new version is getting better. thank goodness they changed level two... however, i still get some flashing.

    some things i'd like to see:

    - saving of your progress
    - level editor
    - scoring w/ high score menu
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    Oh I love this game.

    But some points.

    -to much bouncing ball
    -want to save

    But it is nice.

    Keep up the good work

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    great game, did everyone know you could skip levels? Just flick the screen to the left, as you would a picture in your photo album. (vertical, not landscape)

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    Awesome upgrade.
    You can edit the bounce and friction manually just by opening the text.
    Thanks for the tip on changing levels! =D

    This is straight form the creators website:

    Added Features

    Add "start" point to level file. Start position called "startPos".
    Add "end" area to level file. Goal called "h_end".
    Add support for arbitrary number of levels.
    Adjust ball "bounce" factor, controllable from level file "factorBounce".
    Adjust ball "friction" factor, controllable from level file "factorFriction".
    Distinguish goal from other holes, finish line flag texture.

    Suggested Features

    Time limit, controllable from level file.
    Local high score by level.
    High score server with global high scores.
    Limited number of balls (lives).
    Background colour change per level.
    Random levels.
    3d-walls, changing perspective when tilting phone, test successfully implemented.
    New obstacle, conveyor belt.
    Acceleration sensitivity control from settings file.
    Ability to change colour of the walls from level file.
    Custom graphics for different levels.
    Quick save/load.
    Go to ... level.
    Autosaving on quiting and restoring of position and level on starting.
    Easy starting levels for newbie players.


    Screen flickering sometimes, probably due to system drawing to screen.
    Collision detection failing when ball is moving very fast.
    Sound icon displaying at startup when initialising accelerometer.
    Resume from sleep mode give a black screen.

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    I believe I know the issue with the blinking.

    Try making the game slightly shorter height wise, as its cutting off the carrier and battery HUD.
    In my logic, it would refresh every second for the clock and signal strength.

    I apologize if my observation is incorrect as it just seems to be the most plausible.

    Great game, and great start.

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    GREAT JOB! nice improvement on the level design, and cleaner graphics, keep up the great work

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    hi guys,

    if someone would be kind enough to post a clean how-to in creating new levels for this awesome game, i'm sure a lot of people would appreciate it! this is coz the how-to in the labyrinth developer's site doesn't clearly say how to assign the start point and end/goal of a level's creation. tried snooping around sample level he provided using the svg editor he specified but i can't seem to find the way to label the specific area to start and end holes. i'm not really a programmer but i'm pretty handy with graphics and the svg editor is very simple to use; yet i'm dumbfounded regarding this tiny task to complete a customized game level. or maybe i'm just looking to hard? are the start and end points supposed to be assigned at the converted text file and not the svg file? any help would be appreciated!

    i'm very eager to create new levels coz my wife breezed through ALL levels in 1 sitting and only failed 3x!!! i really have to make harder ones!

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    IF you know the holes, you can just edit the text and put the labels in. I haven't looked how change these in the editor.

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    thanks for the speedy reply Dash-2! good to know that i can just assign the start and end holes in the text file.

    but is there a way to correlate the coordinates given in the txt file with the corresponding box/hole in the svg file so i can map it out and know which one is which? maybe a pattern on how the order of the boxes/holes are read and converted to the txt file?

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    woot, I love this game, got to the level with no winning hole, seemed like level 20 or something.

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