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Thread: Customize 2.0 Beta

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    Default Customize 2.0 Beta
    Hey, just saw Customize 2.0 Beta pop up in Installer. I installed it and it just crashes on the spicychicken screen. Anyone get it to work? Anything new?

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    mine works, there is a fix that u need to get which can be found in tweeks 1.1.3, something suid, it doesnt crash anymore since the update, but sometimes it cannot connect to the server which is fine, caause thats just for downloading themes, but the program itself works fine for me.

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    I don't see it in installer. What source is it coming from?
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    Same here...what source is it on?

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    Couple "fixes" I can think of:

    Make sure you're connected to the internet..

    Make sure you're a registered use of the beta, because, right now if you don't register with your iphone/ipod serial number it won't work.

    If those don't work, try restarting your i[product] and trying again.
    I remember with the earlier Customize versions it wasn't working, so I tried it like 5 times in a row, and it finally started working for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Emir S. View Post
    Same here...what source is it on?
    The source is:
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    i tried to sign up using both firefox and safari and after i put my info in and click sign up the screen just goes white there is no confirmation that it went through, and i have 2.0 installed and it says i havent registered, anyone have any ideas

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    So it's still under closed testing.
    The first post kinda implyed that it moved to open/community testing.

    I got it but I cant get it working for that first time.
    Crashes every time, regardles of reboots or retries.

    It's always that dreaded first time......Ah well.
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    I have it working fine here most of the time. Slow sometime, and connection to the server issues here and there. but other than that I have been using it. And hell its Beta so it will get better.

    Go to
    Its no longer a closed beta - you just have to make an account.
    Sign up for an account, then they give you the repo to add.
    You have to have an account to use it - It requires your iPhone/Touch serial number.
    If you have not done that it will crash or give an error when startup.

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    Get SUID patch/fix off Tweaks (1.1.3)

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    so i dont know if i fluked out or if i did it correctly.
    i have a fresh 1.1.4 that i recently just restored, first thing i installed was customize 2.0...install went smooth after i signed up and got the source and i downloaded a theme. I cant get the wallpaper to change tho, but battery image was saved. any ideas?

    ill just post this up for future users who need to know how to get wallpapers to work:

    this is what i did: 1.1.4 fresh iphone.
    uninstall both summerboard/customize if you have it installed already.
    install SUDLIB fix
    install summerboard. unlock. Start/Close.
    Restart Phone.
    Install Customize 2.0. Start/close
    Open summerboard, under themes should be 'customize' theme wallpaper on, wallpaper on.
    open up customize and start downloading and applying themes. wallpapers and icons ect should work!
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    There are no tweaks needed on a 1.1.4 phone. you do NOT need to provide your serial number, that was for the invite portion of the alpha/beta only and is not longer required.

    Go here and sign up. NO SERIAL NO REQUIRED! You don't have to enter it.

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    It works perfectly fine. I think patches arent needed. I think the first time used is a bit confusing. Final veredict: while on 1.1.3 works fine, variety and ease of use is great!

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    The source is: you will find the program under the utilities section

    and mine crashed all the time at start up so as someone suggested, I downloaded the SUID Lib FIX from tweaks 1.1.3, (i'm on 1.1.4 BTW) and now it works.

    --Need to create an account at start up though and this can be done through under Sign Up Today
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    I am using the older version 1.21 on iphone firmware 1.1.2. Find it very useful for personalizing my iphone to my taste. Just wish there was a more sound packs themes available in the repositories.


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    where do we put all the files now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by the sr5 View Post
    where do we put all the files now?
    Good question. ??????

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    OK- Now I really need some help I downloaded this freakin "Rasta" theme on Customize 2.0, and when I went to change it to something else...IT WOULDN'T CHANGE!!! After playing around with it for a while, some of the things have changed, but others (like everything in and including the status bar, SMS bubbles, and the slider image (I guess that's what it's called)) THEY WONT SWITCH BACK!! MY CARRIER ICON SAYS "WEED" AND IT'S STUCK LIKE THAT!!! (LOL). I went into the Customize Images/Sounds and tried to change them one by one and I got some error message saying that it "can't be copied" or some sh*t like that...PLEASE HELP!! I don't want my phone being stuck LIKE THIS!!!

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    The files are in var/mobile/library (or media cant remember)/customize2. I suggest you make a back up thats clean and edit it form there. A fix for the theme a applying problem is this
    [ame=""]YouTube - Customize Fixes[/ame]

    if that doesen't work try
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