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Thread: Customize 1.11 & iPod

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    Default Customize 1.11 & iPod
    I JUST updated my installer and I had to uninstall rSBT for the update of customize which has a ot of new features in it. But when I installed the new version it throws out my ipod off the dock, I try messing around with placement and nothign it does not even see the icon for the ipod. I am using summerboard as well and downgraded to 1.0.2 (having trouble getting ssh on to upgrade) I have switched themes and everything any thoughts?


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    Customize 1.12 has been released

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    Quote Originally Posted by CyberGreg View Post
    Customize 1.12 has been released
    yea but I haven't seen any update on installer
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    Quote Originally Posted by CyberGreg View Post
    Customize 1.12 has been released
    The 1.12 on installer is still 1.11. I just installed it, and it still removed the iPod from the dock, and in Customize it says 1.11 below.

    Anyway, I found a temp fix. Just install rSBT again and when you go to save the arragement, press save, but don't press "Close", just press the home button.
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    Yea the 1.12 jacked my phone up, i uninstalled it

    Ill keep an eye out for when its fixed then ill put it back on, it had alot of nice new features on it But im not gonna use it till it stop srewing up my dock

    the new one has rsbt built into it ... but its jacked up

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    In the same boat as everyone with the Ipod icon being bumped off the dock. In the rSBT the icon for the Ipod is blank and no matter where you tell it to go in your list it automatically goes to the bottom.

    I also had some issues with setting the number of icons in the dock, if i chose 5 it would show 4 and 4 now shows 3.

    Another thing I found was changing some of the graphics. They don't always take effect (the dock happened the most frequent)

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