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Thread: Search function?

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    Lightbulb Search function?
    I switched from a Treo, and one of the most useful functions I found was the Search feature. Many times, I would search my appointments to find info for a client I had seen many months earlier but never entered into contacts. I was reading the threads on Apache and had an idea.

    The contacts and calendar databases are sqlite. Using Apache, and PHP. (or maybe one of the other scripting languages, but I am more familiar with PHP), could a web page be created and hosted on the iPhone that would search and report results from the contacts & calendar dbs? I am sure it would be better to write an app to do this, but I don't possess the skills to do so. Any ideas? Comments?


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    I don't have your answer, but the other thing that my Treo had was that ability to create repeating appointments in the format "every second Monday of the month". Not available on my iPhone.

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    There is no copy and paste, so what you can do with the search results will be limited.
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    Ok everyone I got it (getting into the calendar through SQL php) now someone has to either help me make a webapp or wait. I will post a screen shot soon.

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    My idea is to setup a webserver on the iphone (like lighttpd & php), then run the php pages from there. I am working on it as well. The idea for me is to be able to lookup past appts.

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    Please someone give me the PHP code to convert this integer


    into this date:

    Friday, Oct. 12, 2007 10:00 PM

    I dont remember the conversion from integer format date and time to a normal date and time.

    Also, as a note to progess trying to access the DB straight from PHP kinda didnt let me (some encryption error, did anyone else have this??) I had to dump it reload into a db I made the query. I have the query and can read and write. Please help with the conversion of format above. Thank You
    It was:
    3 Test 213933600 for the $start_date

    I found a $start_date= date("l,F,j,Y g:i", $start_date);
    but it returns 3 Test Monday,October,11,1976 10:00 Etc/GMT+4 Monday,Oct,11,1976 11:00 0 1 0 0
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