I've played around with a few apps like SMSD, weTools, iLog and I've found that none of them do exactly what I want.

Let me start with iLog. It's a wonderful app, as a matter of fact the only thing missing is an "all calls" tab. I just wish this app was free because I don't believe HACKS should be paid for. If I could find a similar app to this with the same features (Call durations being most important) I'd rather donate money to that cause than be FORCED to pay for the right to use an app.

SMSD also works very well but hasn't been optimized for 1.1.4 so it doesn't work as a daemon and become the default SMS app (yet. there is an option for it that simply doesn't work for 1.1.4 yet). It forwards, replies, has a conversation view; it's a great all-around program. There's a bug that causes mobileSMS (the actual SMS app on the iphone) to mark random, old messages as unread. Again, if I can find a similar app with these features I'd be glad to donate.

weTools was next on my list. I installed it and was impressed with what it offers as an all-around tool but was let down by what it lacked. It doesn't allow replying to messages from in the app, it failed to match up my call log to my contacts (there's an option to enable this for US phone numbers in the preferences menu but it doesn't save your preferences when you change them). A very well-made app, and it shows, but I think it just needs to be further developed.

That being said, does anyone have alternatives I haven't looked at? If not, we should get together and request one. Somebody's bound to make what we're looking for sooner or later.