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Thread: Pinpointing the wifi-hogging app

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    Default Pinpointing the wifi-hogging app
    Short of uninstalling apps one by one, is there a way to figure out which of my apps is responsible for keeping my wifi connection constantly active? It's chewing up my battery life something fierce. I've gone through all of apps' preferences but no luck finding the culprit. The last time I noticed something like this, it turned out that I'd left weDict's web search enabled. So now, not only did I make sure that plugin was unchecked...I uninstalled the app altogether but something is still keeping that wifi active. The only solution is to turn wifi off whenever I don't need it.

    How can I finger the wifi hog?

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    Using Insomnia or Mobilechat with wifi keepalive? The latter was what did it for me last time. For whatever reason it didnt quit even after I closed the app down. Mobilechat and wifi just kept chugging on.

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    Have you tried using SysInfo? Idk if it will spot what apps are using the internet, but it does show every process running...

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    I don't have either of those apps installed, kyteflyer. I appreciate the feedback, though, so if anything else occurs to you... :-)

    ajl917 - I just installed SysInfo but I'll be damned if I know how to read the information it's giving me. LOL. All I really know is that I don't see anything in it that screams "WIFIIIIII!!" Where do you think I should be looking?

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    Bumping this up in the hope of getting some other ideas...

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    I've just gotta try bumping this up again because this is really driving me crazy. Unless I actually turn wifi completely off, SOMEthing running in the background is keeping it active enough that:

    a) there's no lag between my waking up the phone and the wifi indicator replacing the edge indicator

    b) my phone gets warm......very warm

    c) my battery gets drained in a single day

    I'd really appreciate any helpful suggestions for how to fix this situation.

    Anybody? Please?

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