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Thread: Problems with 3rd Party Apps That Save Data to Phone

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    Default Problems with 3rd Party Apps That Save Data to Phone
    I'm having issues with a couple of apps that need to read/write from the phone. TTR and NES were having problems, but I SSH'd into the phone and set the directories that they use to 0777 and they work fine now.

    But now, I'm having issues with the ScreenShot app that comes with the Dock plugin. I scroll up to the screen shot button, release, and then go to check my pictures and there's nothing there. I'm assuming that it's because the directory that it's writing to has the wrong permissions.

    I'm also having issues with Safari for some reason. I go to a site, hit "remember me" after I log in, and once I close safari and go back to the page, It makes me log in again. I'm guessing that it's having problems saving the cookies.

    So, my main question, aside from how do I fix my screenshot and cookie problem, is HOW do I find out where these apps write to? Finding info on iPhone stuff is like finding a needle in a haystack. Especially if you're using google. All my searches are polluted with outdated versions, irrelevant questions, etc.

    Thanks for any info you can give me. ^_^

    -EDIT- Found a Fix for the Dock ScreenShot issue.

    SSH into your phone
    Nagivate to /private/var/root/Media
    Create a folder in Media named DCIM
    Create a folder in DCIM named 100Apple

    Right click the /Media folder and set permissions to 0777 and apply recursively.

    New screenshots are saved to:


    as IMG_####.JPG

    They don't show up in the camera roll, but you can retrieve them through SSH.
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    Search Safari cookies fix in the top right and box here, trust me, you will find something.
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