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Thread: Nikotel - Send free voice messages to your friends

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    Post Nikotel - Send free voice messages to your friends
    Send free voice messages to your friends:

    Super simple one button use
    # Send messages while you are driving a car;-)
    # Just send your voice messages to your friends whenever, wherever works with your iPhone as the first voice message app ever send messages to people with PCs or windows mobile phones.
    # FREE service

    Has anyone tried this App? Sounds pretty cool and its FREE!

    Note:After Signing up, I entered the login details, but the program hung my iPhone.
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    i just use vnotes
    "...tomorrow could be the best day of your life..."

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    This looks really cool.
    PM me your username so I can test sending a voicemail!

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    What format are the recordings?

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    I installed the .app folder in /root/applications. Icon shows up on the springboard, but when I select it it goes to the nikotalkie screen with a config button in the upper corner. Then it freezes the phone, any suggestions?

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    This is finally on Installer.
    Someone send me a message!
    My screenname is:

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    Cool Ill send a test message, mine is jrick1019

    works for me, i called my friend and told him to install it and it worked able to send voice messages back and forth quickly like a text message....but free
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    Sweet! I got it, and sent one myself!

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    Can you guys see if the recordings are MP3 or AAC (basically anything but WAV et al)? I assume as much since they're playing back on your phones!

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    Hi there,

    we are working hard on a couple changes and updates to nikotalkie. So expect multiple updates this week. Here are the main things you will see:
    1. a roster with a buddy list
    2. direct replay button to messages and history with old messages
    3. a desktop version for mac and windows
    4. versions for other mobile devices
    5. more media types to send (pictures, video)

    We are way further than what we have online now and will release new things step by step this month. Today I got a mail if this will become the next MMS standard like MMS+ or so;-) I really liked that..


    Nikolai Manek

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    I read the serdvice agreement and it talks about payments. Now is this service free to use? Does anybody know.

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    Awesome! Thanks for the update nikolaim!
    It would be nice for the messages to be laid out like Visual Voicemail, so you can pick and choose and actually see them.

    EDIT: They are .amr
    I've included one I've pulled from my Inbox
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    Thumbs down its either slow or doesnt always work.....
    i've sent several test messages with this app to three different email addresses that I know work that I use daily. It's been 20 minutes and they are there yet. If it's not instant 'instant messaging' I'm not interested.

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    You have to send them to a screenname of a user (even yourself).
    There is no email support (yet).

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    Unhappy Oh well
    Quote Originally Posted by Dash-2 View Post
    EDIT: They are .amr
    I've included one I've pulled from my Inbox
    Thanks for posting that.

    So Nikotel is using the same format VNotes uses.

    Meaning this is a non-starter for me, as it already exists as a solid Native App with more features. Including email support.
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    hi there again,

    the service is free (and will stay free). I think some things I should mention a little earlier that I planned to:

    1. we don't claim the application itself is key here. It is the network behind it. Stay tuned what will show up next week and you will understand what I am talking about.
    2. We will support other media types very soon..
    3. It will work on "all" platforms with the iPhone first since it's just the coolest platform;-)

    Think of it as the next generation MMS - I guess that was really the best name I have heard for it so far. The audio messaging system is a test run right now for our SOA architecture (blah. blah..).

    By the way: There will be the possibility to forward to email VERY soon. This will also happen differently than one would expect...



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    I am getting so excited for this!

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    So.. it only works if I get my friends to sign up on that site and they have a username? hate to rain on a party but that suxorz.. Definitely wont be using this then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brianturney View Post
    So.. it only works if I get my friends to sign up on that site and they have a username? hate to rain on a party but that suxorz.. Definitely wont be using this then.
    For now. Read the developers post, more is coming.

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    Nykolai... please remove the dependency of having to have a username on your network. This dependency will kill how far your app will be used.

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