A cool new app EpicORB - Private Communicator
★★★ Introducing EpicORB - Private Communicator ★★★

Bye, Bye NSA, Employer Governance, Court Orders, Hackers and Snoopers! Get 100% secure Communications of all your private Texts, Videos, Audio and Pictures in a single mobile app!

Today’s Apps can track your calls, read your texts, listen to your messages, view your videos, scan your pictures, track your location and record your web activity. Even worse, the app companies can share that info with the Courts, Government, Parents, or Employers. Meanwhile, you are forced to agree to it just because you want to use the app.

Had enough? Tired of all the rules? Tired of being forced to agree to them? Then use EpicORB for all your private communications. Get true privacy …on steroids!

Look at these Great Features:
•Simple and easy to use
•Delivers instant communication! Private & Personal!
•Prevents unwanted intrusion and spying on your personal communications
oNSA – Proof
oCourt Order Proof
oSubpoena Proof
•Talk by Text, Voice, Video, or Picture
•Unique, Next Generation Mission Impossible tech – Destroys itself when YOU want it to
•You are ALWAYS anonymous. No one knows who you are except your own friends.
•Receive Cool Rewards and Deals from your favorite local stores and restaurants (depending on available national chain and local business promotions)
•Meet new People!

EpicORB is also a dating / meet-up app. You can discover, talk to, or set up to meet new and interesting people from around the world. Just set up your profile and get started.

EpicORB is a power socializing app. Stay in touch with all your friends easily and effortlessly. Manage everything you do and who sees what. You can privately communicate to your peeps all at once. COMING SOON: Want to create a group of regular friends to hang with? …or a different group for that special meet-up tonight or next Saturday? Want to find out where your friends are at right now? Want to participate in trending topics and events? All that is coming soon, and it’s all free!

EpicORB is brought to you by restaurants and retailers who want to send you discounts and freebies, to attract you to their business or product, but only if you want them, and only when you want them. You can even contact our retail sponsors directly thru EpicORB to ask for offers on your terms. This will revolutionize the way you shop.


Link to iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/epic...777229951?mt=8

Requires: iOS 6.0 or later.
I recommend you to download this useful, free and awesome app.