A cool new app Scan Plus
★★★ Introducing Scan Plus ★★★

With Scan Plus, turn your iPhone and iPod Touch into portable scanners for documents, photos, paper notes, cards, whiteboards, receipts, invoices, contracts or any other kind of paper or text. It also creates high quality PDF files & JPEG images. Share images through email, print and cloud services!

*** What can Scan Plus do? ****
Scan Plus converts any kind of document into a digital copy.
Use your device camera or upload from your photo library to scan and edit documents.

* Batch Capturing:
- Capture multiple images/pages at the same time for one file.

* Corner and edge cropping:
- Remove unwanted corners, edges or sections of documents, papers, notes, etc.

* Filter enhancements:
- Filter images with black & white, grayscale, lighten, brightness and contrast.

* PDF Quality:
- Set the quality of your pdf files as low, medium and high. For the best & clearest PDFs, choose High quality.

* Multiple PDF Sizes:
- Set and share PDFs in multiple sizes such as US Letter, A3, A4, A5 Business Card and US Legal.

* "Email To Me" (Scan Plus Exclusive feature):
- Set up multiple personal or work email addresses as default for quicker sharing of documents!

* Tag Sorting:
- Set tags to your files for better sorting. Tags such as business cards, receipts, notes, personal documents, photos, etc.

* Sharing:
- Share files as pdf or single images as JPEG
- Email files or single images
- Print files via AirPrint! (Must have an AirPrint printer)

* Save to the Cloud :
- With Scan Plus Pro, you may share files to:
>Microsoft Sky-drive

•Additional Features
- Search bar for searching through files.
- Use the iOS "Open In" feature to open PDF files in other PDF reading apps on your device such as iBooks.
- Fax your files with fax apps on your device using iOS "Open In". (Must have fax apps already installed on your device)
- Re-Arrange the order of pages.
- Name and rename your files.
- Rotate images to left, right and upside down.
- Updates are always free

Link to iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/app/scan-pl...730873477?mt=8

Requirements: iOS 4.3 or Later.
Available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch only.
I recommend you to download this AWESOME scanner app.