A cool new app Music 2 Light
★★★ Introducing Music 2 Light★★★

Turn your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch into a music light show by placing and customising multiple types of lights

Turn your music up to 11, turn your screen brightness up to max, and turn your room lights down then use the Music2Light App to create an amazing light show


◆ Large fresnel cube lights with bright primary colours work well for jamming sessions
◆ Set up two ipads by the speakers to light up your party dance room
◆ Use subtle colour shades, slow timings and hex lights when chilling to Trance
◆ Double click a light to change timing, colour, size, or to delete it
◆ For Future Garage, Vaporwave and Post-Dubstep unplug your headphones and vrank up your bass
◆ Use a range of light types, timings, colors and sizes in simple patterns on the screen
◆ Set small lights to flash faster than than large lights
◆ Ramp up the brightness faster than the fade 20% v 80%
◆ Use mirror balls sparingly they are best for 70s disco tracks
◆ Remember to always max your screen brightness to 100% in your devices settings
◆ Pure white light or only one colour work best with classical music
◆ Red white and blue spots lights go well with country music
◆ Fill the screen with lights
◆ With Hex lights make a honey comb layout pattern
◆ You can use the on lights on/off switch to re-set then lights beat if they start all flashing in time.
◆ Shake your device to show and hide the bottom of screen control strip and buttons (or click in the lower right corner of the screen)

LIGHT TYPES: Barn Door Spots, Fresnel Cubes, Multi Bulb Hex Units, Spot Hex Units, Neon Tube Hex Units, Halogen Modular Spot, Frosted Cubes, Mirror Balls.

SUGGESTIONS PLEASE :-) “Remember to send in an email with your ideas for features, new light types, new colors and I will try to add them to the next update” - You can send from the support web site link.

Your feedback...

◆ “Please let me trigger some lights by microphone and some to self timed beats”
◆ “How about a really really bright strobe light!”
◆ “Can you let me trigger different groups of lights at different sound levels?”
◆ “I would like to save my lighting rigs and switch between them”
◆ “I want to share my lights on facebook”
◆ “Could you create an API to control the lights from my laptop?”

NOTE: If your are sensitive to flashing lights and colors then please don’t use this app!
Link to iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/cn/app/musi...6340?l=en&mt=8

Requirements: iOS 6.0 or Later.
Available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch only.
I recommend you to download this music light and awesome app.