New feature that allows you to date virtually anyone!
Take any photo from your phone and apply it her face.

Think of the fun you can have with this- Celebrities, playmates, secret

crush's, co-workers, girlfriends, friends, frenemies, random people on

craigslist if you like!
Also- New ways to customize: you can now adjust individual body and face

features, hairstyles, eye color. You can even make her a bobble head.

Combining generous amounts of both humor, and romance - This is the most

unique dating simulation game available for iphone and ipad. There is no

other game out
there like it!

+ 25 levels of progressive game play
+ 100's of girls, each with her own personality and appearance
+ Customizable. Change her face, hair, skin, clothes, even her name
+ Use your camera to put any face on your girl.
+ Several ways to interact (conversation, actions, activities, and touch)
+ Personalities that can mimic crazy and comical- female behaviors
+ Advanced AI
+ Hi res 3D graphics - works on all devices!
+ Achievements and rewards
+ Crazy outfits, lingerie, bikinis, zombie girlfriends and more surprises

Full version:: My Virtual Girlfriend
Free version:: My Virtual Girlfriend