I've been looking for this answer and have been unable to find this.

Crucify me if it's been asked already.

I DON'T need to know where to find ROMs.

I DON'T need to know how to install them.

I've got two ROM's showing up in NES.app (v 1.8), however when I tap them, I get an error:

"Unable to load ROM Image

/var/root/Media/ROMs/NES/ROMNAME.nes. It may not be a valid ROM image, or the resources may not be available to read it."

I've dl'd a few (used cURL to get them off my web host, where I uploaded them. I haven't yet been able to confirm they're valid, but I don't think I would have gotten three bad ones from different sites.

How can I check resources, so see whether I might just not have enough space? Anyone else run into this?