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Thread: Dreamboard App edit help

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    Default Dreamboard App edit help
    Hey guys I'm having a little problem. I'm using Gyro Hd with the newest version of dreamboard and when I go into edit mode and add apps to my tabs (ie favs, apps, games) but when I respring or even change themes the apps disappear. I have all my permissions set to mobile, read write execute. Why isn't the theme saving where I edited and put the apps? Thanks in advance for your help!

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    theres a couple ways to do this the most simple would be go to cydia and download path killer29's new tweak that does it for u just cant remember what it is?? but its new so should be right away in changes!!

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    If anyone could let me know the name of that tweak I would be grateful, I didn't see it on my changes

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    Sent u an email Did u get it??

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    sorry just got home from work so im just gonna tell u how to do it!! since i cant seem to find the tweak either!! hope u got ifile but if u dont let me know and i'll tell u another way!! go to var/mobile/dreamboard/library go to theme u wanna set hit blue arrow next to it go down to access permissions make them all read write and execute and respring thats it!! let me know if anything else!!

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    I already have all my permissions set as stated in my first post. What exactly is happening is when I go into edit mode for Gyro HD I press the bottom right button which brings up the tabs favs, games, app, ect. I tap the open spot and it brings up what app I can put there, I place it. If I respring or switch themes and come back to Gyro HD then any editing I did is gone

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    Well I bought it it's very nice but of course I'm not having any problems sorry dude!!

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