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Thread: Manage Mp3s on Iphone

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    Default Manage Mp3s on Iphone
    Hello guys,.. I have read a lot on the forums, but I have not been able to find a tool, as Anapod Explorer to manually manage the mp3 files on the iphone.. any help.. what is everyone else using.. thanks...

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    You haven't found it because it does not exist. You can only sync.

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    use itunes and sync
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    This whole syncing thing makes me angry. The oldschool way of just dragging and dropping music onto your ipod via itunes worked just fine. I don't keep all of my mp3s in one place (sure I have drives dedicated to mp3s, but I aquire music nonstop, wherever I am, thus it's spread out). I have 7 computers, well 9 including the work machines...and have some music on all of them. It is such a pain to keep adding mp3's to one folder and syncing (thus cluttering my one "iphone computer" with 8 gigs of redundant mp3s). Awesome. Is there something Im missing? Maybe I just don't fully understand the syncing process (even though theres nothing to understand) maybe I'm i just retarded. Does everyone else actually like having to sync to get music on their iphone?

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    i just make different play lists and uplaod them to the great (so far)...

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    It may not help with your situation with so many computers, but it should be pointed out that the file does not always need to be present when you sync for it to remain on the phone, as long as iTunes still has the entry for it. So you can have the music on an external drive (or connect to another computer over a network), add that to itunes (make it NOT copy it), sync, then disconnect the external. Now as long as the file remains listed in iTunes (even with its exclamation mark) it will remain on the iPhone/iPod. So using this you could add all your music to one "sync" computer iTunes list, yet have all the music physically on the others.

    I use this trick in a slightly different way to sync video podcasts to my phone, but delete them off my PB to save space while leaving them on the phone.

    Note that if you have complicated smart playlists that auto-update and give you new music constantly, this kind of trick won't help, but if you are doing that, you're probably not the kind of person asking for a manual mode!

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    use itunes music swap, you can use more than one library at a time... perfect for your situation.

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    CopyTrans is great for editing multiple albums. You can make different playlists easier... I found it very useful. But still, the good thing about having a manager on the ipod/iphone itself would be the practical action of deleting a music you don't like in a faster way. You can do that using iFile but the problem is that when you sync your songs, the OS converts them to F'xx' files. The folders are renamed to F00, F01, and so on. You can actually listen to them and delete if you want, but it sucks because you'll have to hear the song instead of deleting it by name.

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    Im not a big fan of being required to do anything in one specific way.
    iTunes irks me for this reason. there are several apps i've seen out there for my PC that allow me to sync without itunes, but its still a syncing process. and, the songs synced by the other apps get wiped out the next time you sync with iTunes.

    Never forget: Its Apple's way or the highway.

    this seems like a great opportunity for a jailbreak app, but I have yet to find that if it did exist.

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