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Thread: What does iTunes BackUp actually Back up?

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    Default What does iTunes BackUp actually Back up?
    I was wondering what I am actually backing up via iTunes when I back up my iphone. Lets say for example, I lost my phone, what would I be able to do? Would I be able to restore all my information and data from the backup to the new iphone and be exactly the same way it was? icon placement and app data and apps and contacts and pictures and everything? Or does that require a full sync? (i tried to sync but it keeps telling me it wants to erase the apps on the iphone to sync with the computer so I hit no)

    Some more information on this would be nice because I don't want to be stuck if something happens to my phone.


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    it backs up
    apps incl saves and in app files. Music and video (if set to sync) contacts (if set to sync) safari bookmarks (if set to sync)
    placement of icons.
    settings including, WIFI's, lock timer, brightness and device name.

    think thats about it.
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    So lets say I dont have anything set to sync, only using the "back up iphone" via itunes and something happen to my phone, got a new phone and restored my back up.

    What would happen? I would have everything back on or I would be missing all those things you said regarding "if set to sync". I dont care about music/videos but I would care if i lost my contacts and app data. The rest isnt nearly as important.

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    Basically what I want to do is be able to buy a new iPhone and restore the new iPhone to have all the Contacts, Settings, Apps and App data to be restored to the new phone.

    I use only the thing where you right click on your phone on iTunes and select "Back Up" and "Transfer Purchases". Now, if I were to get a brand new phone and restored this "Back Up" to that new phone, what would I have?

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