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Thread: Anyone else with slow/inconsistent push notifications?

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    Default Anyone else with slow/inconsistent push notifications?
    Hey guys. Once upon a time push notifications were very snappy for me and they worked great. Over time they seem to have majorly slowed down to the point that it almost feels like I'm using fetch instead.

    I've tried used Boxcar to fix the issue but my notifications are still really sluggish even within it. I've switched back to allowing each app to do it's own notifications hoping that they might once again be quick, but no luck.

    Facebook in particular is awful. I'll often read and respond to notifications on my desktop before they even come through to my iPhone.

    I was doing some tests with this and found something odd. If someone writes on my wall using the iPhone app, the notification comes through instantly. If they write on my wall using the desktop version, it takes a long time to notify me on my iPhone or perhaps it won't come through at all.

    I use Echofon for twitter and that also sees slow and inconsistent notifications (by inconsistent I mean that they sometimes don't come through at all). Sometimes I'll load the app and find that I have a DM or mention from several hours ago.

    For the record, email seems to be instant and working fine, but as far as I understand, email notifications work differently than those from apps.

    Is anyone else having similar issues with their push notifications? I've verified that push is indeed enabled for all of my apps. I have a strange feeling that it has something to do with the fact that I'm jailbroken, but I just don't know. Notifications have been slow like this for a little bit under a year.

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    There are a couple of apps in Cydia that can help with push problems. I wasn't receiving push messages at all after upgrading to 3.1, until I installed an app called "PushFix". I think there's another paid app called Push Doctor. Anyway as soon as installed it, it fixed my push message problem and I now receive them all instantly.

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