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    Assuming this is the right forum..I know this problem has occurred before but after 3 pages of searching I decided just to ask.

    I am unable to load any ROMs for NES accept for the ones on installer. I can SSH and load GBA(working) and SNES(working) and when doing the same for NES they dont show up in phone and i get that annoying message telling me to load ROMs to var/root/media/ROMs/NES (same place as all the other roms) which I have already done.

    Would it be from application relocation when using bosstool?

    thanks in advance

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    well yes this is the wrong thts ok!
    wut firmware r u using? bc in 1.1.3 and up, ROMs go into var/mobile/media/ROMs/NES
    did u check taht they r the right file type? they should be .nes
    umm... well if tht doesnt wrk give me more specifics on the problem and i might be able to help u

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    i fiqured this out. Instead of putting NES roms in the var/root/media/ROMs/NES. Put them in var/mobile/media/ROMs/NES. It worked like a charm for me.

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    im on 112 since i still have problems with 113 and 114 due to certain programs I like working correctly like customize etc.... but thanks i will see how that works.


    yup maing or womaing...that worked like a charm. know why that is by chance?

    gracias from a gringo

    now i cant load a group in at a time. if I load one and then disconnect SCP it works. If i load about 50MB it doesnt.

    any clues?
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    Is there anyway to load ROMs to your iPhone without using a WiFi connection because mine sucks xxxxx at my house and I cant just carry my desktop around with me
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