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Thread: Categories / SB problems, plz help, unusable

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    Default Categories / SB problems, plz help, unusable
    hey guys. I recently installed Categories and Categories SB in an attempt to get Eight OS set up correctly. It worked at first, but now none of the folders I create show up in the list when I click Manage Folders. I had 2.99 before I uninstalled em both.

    Every time I create a folder, it actually just pops up with that message about how you can mess up your phone if you've not careful. It's NEVER added to the list. But it does respring and create the folder on exit, so then I'm stuck with a folder that I can't use, and I have to SSH to get rid of it (why don't these show up in iFile??? ugh).

    I don't care about Categories on its own, but I really want to get this Eight OS up and running the way it's shown in the screenshots. It's really neat looking. Please help! :P


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    Exact same problem here. Categories always worked, and now it doesn't. Please help. 3GS, 3.1.2.

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    I fixed it and I forgot to post the solution. The problem is with Categories, not the SB add-on. The way I fixe it was to uninstall it via Cydia and reinstall it via Rock. If you purchased SB through Cydia, install Categories via Rock first, then install the SB add-on from Cydia.

    There was apparently an issue with updating the software through Cydia for some people. Which is, I guess, why installing through Rock fixes the issue.

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    Thanks, Levirules, that did fix it. Still, I hate it that Rock fixed what Cydia couldn't! My faith is shaken.

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    No problem! Glad I could help.

    So I'm still kinda new to the jailbreak scene, is there some sort of aversion toward Rock? I know Cydia was first. I seem to be picking up a vibe that Rock is like the enemy or something. Thoughts?

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    Rock has caused problems in the past. Cydia was always very stable regarding dependencies, etc.

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    Gotcha. So it's just kind of the opposite of the norm.

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