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Thread: Problem: Winterboard causing springboard to crash at startup

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    Default Problem: Winterboard causing springboard to crash at startup
    Dear Fellows

    Since the last update of Winterboard, my springboard crashes every time i reboot my Iphone 3gs. Phone enters into safe mode and than i respring it and the springbaord starts working fine.. if i uninstall winterboard the problem resolves. I also tried reinstalling and completely removing and than installing but the problem persists with winterboard. is there any solution to this problem? i want winterboard because i am bored of the same old springboard default theme


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    I'm having the same problem

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    I'm still having the same problem even after two updates of mobile substrate

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    ^^^ I forget, can you disable themes in Safe Mode? If so, give that a try...disable all themes in WB and restart. If ok, then add one and restart. repeat until you find the theme that is crashing it. I would imagine some themes might crash SB if not ios4 ready.

    If it is not a theme, install CrashReporter (Cydia) if you can. Then after your next crash, open it up and see if something sticks out. Crash reporter will identify the crashed "thread" (a number). You can then scroll down to that thread and see what it was doing when it crashed. Might help you...might not.

    Good luck! And FWIW, I have WB installed on an i4 (ios4.01) and have no crashes...

    EDIT: I see in your sig you are still running 3.1.3. Maybe some of the updates are ios4.x specific, and maybe are not friendly to ios 3.x. Probably not, but you never know. Anyway, you you find the answer!
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    Well I Unchecked all the themes in safe mode and even removed winterboard but my springboard still crashes upon reboot. I also tried uninstalling other cydia apps which could be causing this problems but none solved the problem. I also installed crash reporter along with sbs toggle. It displays the crash info but tells me nothing about the primary or secondary suspect causing the crash . I'm sad for my iPhone

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    I've got the same problem! However it still crashes even when I uninstalled winterboard. Also, my iphone takes quite some time to boot..
    *edit: it's more Mobile Substrate that's causing it..
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    Me too! I have exactly the same problem...

    *edit @frado: do you think its fine to delete mobile substrate?
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    Default SwirlyScreen
    i tried to install cydgets b4 i knew that it wont run on 4.0 but since it didnt work i just left it and forgot about it. i had the same problem and i uninstalled cydgets and swirlyscreen and all's good now

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