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Thread: Birthday sync

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    Default Birthday sync
    Is there any way to sync the birthdays that I put on my contact list with the calendar? Like for example, if someone's birthday is today my calendar should automatically pick it up from my contact list and send me an alert. Thanks

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    that would be awesome if someone could come up with a mod for that...

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    I'm guessing that you aren't using a Mac... in Apple iCal you have to enable 'Show Birthdays' in preferences and then just make sure you have dates input in your Address Book entries, then they just show up on your calendar both on the Mac and on the iPhone.

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    Aah crap. Ur right. I'm using xp. U lucky mac people. Does anyone know how to do it on windows? Thanks.

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    On XP too, wpould love that feature

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    I have to agree. This functionality should not rely on sync'ing. Perhaps the contact functionality can be updated to automatically add a calendar entry when adding the birthday field to a contact and saving.

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    Just get ibirthday. Its a cool program that takes all ur bdays in phonebook and gives you the ability to be alerted before the day. Add this source to installer and download. Ive been using it since i jailbroke my iphone with no problems. Here is the link for the source

    Good luck!

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    I'm having problems too.

    I've clicked "Show Birthdays calendar" tick box within mobileme AND clicked "Show Birthdays calendar" tick box within iCal on my G4 iMac running Leopard (just!). If I add a birthday to a contact on my iPhone 3G, within minutes it is updated on the mobileme contacts AND calendar... and in contacts and iCal on my iMac if I click "Sync Now" within System Prefs.

    I registered my iPhone 3G on my iMac BEFORE I clicked these "Show Birthdays calendar" buttons and I'm wondering whether this is causing the problem.

    Help, this is driving me nuts!!!

    I've deleted my mobileme account on my iPhone and then added it again in the hope this might sort it but to no avail.

    Should I "Reset All Settings" or "Erase All Content and Settings" on my iPhone 3G in the hope this will fix this? Don't really want to do this and lose emails, texts etc.

    I love Macs but why oh why don't they just sync a birthday field in contacts with the calendar in the iPhone 3G DIRECT!!! It seems such a basic thing.

    Forgot my future father-in-law's birthday (today!) until just now... might make the shops in time!!

    Please, can anyone help?


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    Any solution for fw. 2.0.1 ?

    using windows xp

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