I jailbroke my ipod about 6 months ago, and cydia has been working fine since then. However, 2 weeks ago, a massive problem started.

Basically, my cydia failed to fetch every source i had, whether it was custom or default. I did some googling and found a way to kind of fix it, which was to SSH into my ipod and delete the apt files. This fixes it temporarily, but when i reboot, and then run cydia, it fails to fetch the sources AGAIN. Also it can only show the themes and applicaions I have downloaded. This is really frustrating because i really need a better theme and several apps. Also i asked around, and it doesnt look like the cydia server is causing the problem.

I would be grateful for any possible help. Is it possible to reinstall cydia? also i don't have iFile, Terminal or any of those tools. I know how to SSH though. Also i used Blackra1n to jailbreak.