Bought a used 3G off of Ebay It had been beat up pretty good. No action whatsoever. I was warned. Dismantled, cleaned repaired connections reassemblled. This is where I am at, no sim card installed. I can power up now. First time I connected to USB I got a sign of a battery showing green bar about 1/8" wide on screen, after about an hour battery shows on screen as being about 50% After powering up Apple logo comes on screen, chomp out of apple, it appears to have a slice in the apple and the apple appears to be two different colours, it then says slide to unlock as different languages are scrolling across screen. When I slide it shows a tele number pad emergency only. At top of screen small characters "no sim, date, and battery state of charge.

My questions are putting a Rogers sim card in a non Rogers phone:

1/ Can it hurt my sim card?

2/ Do I have I nice paper weight at this point?

3? Hope If you can help that you will go easy as I am a "pure" newbie here and with Iphone. I would like to unlock if possible and jailbreak.

Sure would appreciate help with these.

thanks for looking