Let me preface this by saying I have searched through this forum (and google) for a solution before bringing you this question.

So I an unable to load any SegaCD games. I have the games in a zip folder containing containing the .bin and .mp3 files (all in the root of the zip) in "mobile/Media/ROMs/GENESIS" on the iPhone. I have tried to place the unzipped bios files (.bins) in the following folders:


All three locations yield the same results when attempting to load a SegaCD game in the app. I see the loading bar across the top then the app crashes once the loading is completed.

These are the bios files I am using:


Does anyone have any advice on how to get this working? I really like to be able to play a couple of these games on my phone. Is it possible the couple games I have downloaded just arent compatible, and, if so, does anyone know of a game that IS compatible so that I can test it and be sure the bios files are in the proper place, etc?