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Thread: Major Activator Problems

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    basically the problem here is that things don't completely uninstall when they should be both through cydia and rock.

    I'm representing the ipod touch community here on this one, I guess.

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    Any news on this? I don't have OverBoard or any other multitasking apps, just qTweeter, sbsettings, Bitesms that rely on gestures. I've been experiencing the very same symptoms described by the OP. In addition, a single-click of the Home button would not return me to my Home page, and the click seemed to be queued, so that when I pressed the Home button again, iPod controls would be invoked; or if I pressed the Sleep button, a screen shot would be taken.

    I'm trying cahoosersnip's fix right now...

    [edit] I first uninstalled Activator in Cydia (which uninstalled qTweeter, as well), then looked in iFile. Sure enough, there were still Activator files. Deleted those, and my home button returned to proper function. Re-installed qTweeter (which piggybacks Activator) and the problems returned.
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    you need to uninstall activator and all related apps. then go into ifile and delete anything from activator and associated apps.

    so you need to look up qtweeter in ifile in addition to activator

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    sorry to revive dead thread...

    but the latest release of activator seems to fix this problem.

    nice work Ryan

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    Im glad its sorted. Thanks goes to ryan on that. Im just waiting for the iphone 4 jailbreak to be released now lol.

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    I am just waiting till I can afford an iphone 4

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    someone I know has an iPhone 3GS with 3.1.3 broken by Spirit. He uses activator all the time, (well, backgrounder all the time), and it's fine for him. IDK. I'm on an iPod with 3.1.2, fake 3.1.3, and Activator. It works fine with me.

    Edit: OOps sorry it was fixed lol.

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    This thread has a life of its own. A friend of mine has a 3GS, old bootrom, JB'd with blackra1n. Before about a week ago, he'd never even had Cydia on his phone, only Rock. I installed Cydia, and backgrounder for him. At that point, while tethering with MyWi, he discovered that he had lost the ability to tether and make phone calls simultaneously, while on 3G. If he made or received a call, data would stop, then resume after the call was complete.

    I went step-by-step with him on the phone today, first removing backgrounder, with no improvement, then removing Activator, and simultaneous voice and data returned.

    I'll sit down with him and work the iFile solution.

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