I installed Veency and then followed these steps to the letter and I'm using VNC Viewer to get into my 3GS over USB (no wifi where I am right now, and wifi locked down at work).

iTunesHelper IS running in the background.

So, this works OK...I can get in and start tooling around just fine, but after a few minutes or when I open certain apps, the connection closes on me and I have to start the command line process over.

I have the exact same setup on two computers and this happens on both. Any ideas as to what I may be doing wrong or a setting I need to change to hold the connection?

Is there a better alternative to VNC over USB I'm not aware of?

I was running ifunbox but now suddenly I can't connect with that either.

Technically, this works great, but not really if I can only keep it running for a few minutes at a time.