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Thread: does ANYONE have the DeEdge program??? please help

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    Default does ANYONE have the DeEdge program??? please help

    I downloaded the program. used it, then uninstalled and now it's unavailable. My edge is now screwed up and doesn't function. A couple people here have mentioned having it. Can anyone please send it to my email: [email protected]

    also, to the user 'princebrand' or anyone else who understood what he was trying to explain in helping me fix the issue, could you please respond to the few questions I've added at the end of the thread I posted up top? Thanks in advance for any help! I'm grinding my teeth here 0_0

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    Did you restore already? if not try this. do you have ApolloIM? if so login to one of your accounts then log off, the try safari. i got the same message and notice that if i logged into Apollo it shows its activating EDGE and signs on. then i just log off and EDGE is still activated. try it, let me know if it works.

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    Apollo-tactic did nothing.. Said cannot connect to edge.

    Dbrack-thanks I'll try that as soon as I get home! Any comments on what prince was talking about in the original thread?

    And no i haven't restored yet. All my files I got onto my phone are on an inaccesible computer atm, and I don't want to loose all my bookmarks and contacts etc. Us there a way to save these onto my mac from my phone??

    issue resolved. thanks to both [email protected] and princebrand, it turns out I did just have to copy the preference .plists.. I just wasn't exactly sure how. The app changes "<string>wap.cingular</string>" on line 74 to "<string>DISABLED.cingular</string>". I tried copying it with ifuntastic the first time but didn't notice the 'save to iphone' button up top after rewriting it. At first it didn't even work, but upon my 3rd reset it just came back into action? but hey. it's fixed
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    Good to hear you got it working! I replied on your other thread so if someone else has the problem maybe it will help them.

    Take care,


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