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Thread: Erasing and deleting all content.

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    Default Erasing and deleting all content.
    I just installed the new Navigon app and found out that it couldn't detect my GPS/Wifi and kept on giving me simulation runs. So i decided to look on the website's FAQ which told me to erase and delete all content.

    Question 1) After i told the iphone to erase and delete all content, there was the apple screen with a bar under it which filled up rather quickly and i'm guessing finished what it had to do. Currently, my iphone is sitting on my table looking pretty with the apple logo (without any progress bar). Did it stuff up? I've heard that the process takes about 2 hrs.

    Question 2) I started this process when i was at 50% battery (3GS). Do you think it will last (if it's still formatting)? Should i plug it into the wall charger?

    Question 3) Does jailbreaking using redsn0w require restores after i "erase and delete all content"

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    Id plug it into the charger if I were you just to be safe. Erase and delete all content does take a long time.

    If you did erase and delete all content you will need to restore and re-jailbreak. Since you have a 3G[S] you need to be careful if you also unlock your iphone. If you need to keep your unlock you must use Pwnage tool on a Mac or at least a custom firmware made with Pwnage tool. If unlock is not important you can use Blackra1n.

    FWIW- I have navigon and it often loses my GPS signal, especially if I'm indoors or in one of my cars (a 2001 BMW) that has an IR windshield coating. What helps get the signal back is to close Navigon, Open teh stock iPhone Maps app and let it locate my position, then reopen Navigon and try again.

    What firmware are you on? I had GPS issues with 3.0 that seemed to fix themselves when I went to 3.1.

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