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Thread: Music player crash issues, even in mobile substrate safe mode

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    Default Music player crash issues, even in mobile substrate safe mode
    First of all, every time i launch the music app, it says updating library. Second of all and my main issue. Whenever I have a track playing and in any way exit from
    the now playing screen(even clicking the back button from the screen and then back to now playing) it freezes up then crashes promptly. Anybody having this issue or has a fix? It does this even mobile substrate safe mode!

    Edit: Save yourself the time + Don't read this whole thread. This issue was never fixed.
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    i have this exact same problem

    i cant figure out what i have installed that would affect the music player

    any suggestions??

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    I believe that it isn't caused by any app, because I tried it in safe mode which disables almost every app that can be installed.

    Also, do u have backgrounder. It might be related somehow though It happened when backgrounder was disabled.

    I also have 3.1.2 and jailbroke with blackra1n, did you?
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    i do have backgrounder

    im on 3.0 pwned

    i thiiink it might be my theme im not sure

    im using glasklart and i disabled and played music for about an hour with absolutely no problems or crashes

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    I am having this problem as well. It started showing yesterday and i do not have backgrounder installed. However I do have glasklart.theme. Disabling this does not solve the problem.

    However, rebooting the device helps for approximately five minutes, then the problem returns.

    This is really annoying. Anyone out there with a solution?

    btw. I have tried restoring the iphone (3g, 16gb) via itunes.

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    Just noticed the same issue on 3GS OS3.1 JB BLackRa1n. I just did a sync with itunes and it is now back to normal.

    Cheers all and good luck


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    I had similar issue on 4.1 but with video
    what I did was remove everything completely via iTune and copied back again via iTune. Haven't had any crash so far~

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