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Thread: Missed Call notifications and reminders - Possible solution/Rant

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    Default Missed Call notifications and reminders - Possible solution/Rant
    The iPhone platform is a GREAT pocket PC, don't get me wrong. We should expect this as Apple is an engineering powerhouse.

    However, as a phone it sucks. Hard. This is most noteably evinced by the lack of simple missed call/sms/voicemail alerts.

    Note: I use the term "PC" alot here, simply becuase it stands for personal computer. It's very easy to forget that sometimes.

    Skip the rant if you choose-----------------------------------

    I've been waiting since my 1G iphone for this inanely simple task. One may ask "But Sal, this sort of alert has been available since my Nokia 3210." Yep. You are right.

    This isn't a smartphone limitation, no. Blackberries and Androids do this with ease. No, this is infact an iPhone problem. How can this be? Let's go back to my first sentence: the iPhone is a great POCKET PC. Ah, there's the problem.

    I'm going to try to not rant anymore on how the iPhone should really be seen as a pocket PC with a mobile phone application, rather than a mobile phone with a fully integrated Mac OS, but thats how it should be. Anyway.

    Let's look at this problem from the perspective that the iPhone is actually just a pocket PC. When the iPhone is on, it runs all the necessary background programs to get it functional (eg. phone and mail). But when the sucker is asleep, it suspends all major tasks, exactly like the sleep mode of a Mac. The most obvious way to wake a sleeping pc is to turn it back on manually. Same goes with the iPhone; press the power and it'll come alive.

    Another way to wake a PC is through peripheral activity or NETWORK activity. This also applies to the iphone. Press the home button and it wakes (peripheral activity). Get a phone call and it wakes (network activity).

    These 3 options are the only way the phone revives from a suspension.

    How does this apply to missed/calls/voicemails? Well let's break it down. Phone is asleep --> receieve a call --> network activity wakes phone --> phone application is launched --> you miss the call --> while the phone is on, badges/alerts show --> phone goes to sleep again, ALL OS FUCTIONS CEASE TO OPERATE.

    Thats the main problem. Because the iPhone is not a proper mobile phone, it kills the OS once it goes to sleep. This is precicely why push notifications were invented. When notifications need to sent to your phone in sleep mode, they are sent via the cellular connection from Apples own servers. It is basically an OS-centric SMS, if you want to look at it like that. This needed to be done on Apple's behalf becuase they know that there is no way execute functions while the phone is asleep except for network activity.

    This is exactly why we do not get any sort of routine beep/notification if we miss a call and the phone goes to sleep. The missed call informaiton is stored in the OS, which obvoiusly cannot run if it is suspended.


    I can see 2 possible means of getting reminders of missed calls/texts and I hope some devs are reading as I don't have the time or talent to write an App.

    1. An app that cache's the missed phone information and wakes the iphone up from sleep every so often to remind the user. Similar to a calandar reminder or an alarm. This seems like the easiest way of doing it.

    2. Hijacking push notifications so that when you miss a call, it pushes it to your cellular connection, hence waking the phone up and reminding you every so often.

    So thats basically it. Again, hopefully some devs can whip up something simple enough like option 1. Obviously the only caveat to that method is the obvious drain on the battery. But hopefully the notificaiton is loud enough to get your attention after a few times. Either way, somethign needs to be done and I hope this encourages someone to come up with a solution. I mean, its been more than 2 years. 2 long years.

    Don't hate me too much for writing so much, it's pretty late and I hate missing calls and not knowing it until I wake my phone.

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    Agreed with most of what you said, but all OS functions DO NOT cease to operate when it sleeps.
    The built-in OS function, if set, will remind you twice after the first time, even when asleep, of a missed SMS. Missed calls, no go. (which is BAD)
    If you jailbreak your device, you can install Reminder/Notifier from Spektro (Cydia). This is free and reminds you of almost anything. Yet another GOOD reason to jailbreak.

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    1. Intelliscreen already has this functionality, reminders of all notifications (sms, calls, email) and a set time for them to remind you, even on / off time when to use them (ie, not to use them while I am sleeping)

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    notifier is the same as waking the phone. When asleep, we need something to make a sound like the sms, to notify of a missed call as well. phone has to stay awake for "missed call" to work. HORRIBLE!

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