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Thread: No Safari Setting

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    Default No Safari Setting
    Hello All.

    I am running 3g w/3.0 firmware. I can longer find the Safari toggle in the Settings menu. I have uninstalled Extended Preferences and Supreme Preferences in the event that was the cause, but still does not show. Anyone have any ideas as to what could be the problem?


    I just discovered that the Safari selection shows up in Settings wnen I disable the LibHide setting in the SBSettings Mobile Substrate Addons menu. I need LibHide to use Categies and hide icons. Anyone else dealt with this issue?
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    I have the same type of issue... But it's the "mail" settings I cannot see. I also have extreme settings and categories. I'll disable that libhide to see if "mail" settings comes back.

    Edit: I disabled "libhide", but.... U could have told me that doing that will throw all icons inside "categories" onto my springboard....
    Althought I was able to see "mail" app and disable push.... I then resumed libhide and now I still cannot save bookmarks within safari, with libhide disabled, I can properly save bookmarks. Looks like I will have to get rid of categories so I can use safari properly.
    Unless I can remove "libhide" without messing up categories?????

    Oh, once I enabled "libhide" again... All app icons went back into categories.

    So.... Can I get rid of libhide without messing up categories????

    Since I know "libhide" is the reason for my several problems....
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    i have the solution!!

    - go to more in SBsettings
    - go to hide icons
    - unhide mail or safari or the app donīt showing in preferences

    thatīs it!!

    Extreme preferences & Supreme preferences not itīs the problem...

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