Hello. I am new to this forum site, but not forums in general. And I am not just jumping on here looking for free info for nothing. I did my research but still can't seem to fix the problem I am having. I have an original iPhone and at first it said " no imei and no iccid" and then I "master restored" it and it just says connect to iTunes. When I connect to itunes it fully restores it and goes through whole nine yards. When it is done it says it has encountered an error 1101 ( I THINK ) it is and I get no where. I do not know where to go from here. Also I have an iPhone 3g and am interested in what the "big deal" is about jail breaking them and the advantages of it. I am used to HTC windows based phones and I like to "tweak" my phones and stuff like and would like to learn more. If anyone would please mind taking the time to help me out and let me know any cool info or especially any help with fixing my iPhone I would so greatly appreciate it! And also I am new to this forum page and if This posting is in the wrong spot please direct me to the correct spots. Thanks again for any help. Plese email me at "[email protected]" or "pm" (if an option). Thanks agains everyone.