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Thread: transfer iTunes from my old pc to new one??

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    Default transfer iTunes from my old pc to new one??
    Here goes my case like this:my laptop is getting so old and I will get a new one. But the problem is my whole iTunes library with a load of music,videos from iTunes store and burned from CDs is located on my old laptop. How do I do to move it to my new laptop?
    PS:I have tried different guides on net and to find useless and so complicated. I'm so sick of it and so I don't care a little paying for a program.
    Any something helpful?

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    Hi Sierrahu,

    I went through a similar problem a few years back until I discovered you can put your old computer into 'firewire target disk' mode, where it effectively acts as a portable hard drive.

    To do this,

    Leave your new laptop turned on and plug one end of the firewire cable in.

    Make sure your old laptop is off and that it's power adapter is plugged in.

    Plug in the other end of the firewire cable to your old laptop

    Turn on your old laptop and hold down the T key until the firewire icon appears.

    Your old computer's hard disk will show up on your new computer and you can copy/drag all your old files from there.

    Make sure to eject the old laptop's drive in the normal fashion when you're finished.

    Hope that helps!


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    with itunes 9 its easy just update both itunes to itunes 9 have them run on the same internet connection and then run the home sharing and you can transfer everything between the computers.. its sick everything on your itunes is transferable
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    if you don't care a little paying I'd like to recommend you a third-party program called Aniosoft iTunes transfer-a iTunes backup program. It enables you to backup your iTunes library to any storage device without any change in iTunes' arrangement and layout,meaning that keeping its playlists,ratings,music count intact. i have been using it for a long time and so far so good.

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    I done that many times I have 5 computers and these are ways I have done. 1) I got a external hard drive and copy everthing in there my apps, music, movies, music video, all of that. Just locate all your stuff. Also what I have done is transfer everything threw my wireless by sharing. Many ways. PM if Need more help. Goodluck

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    you can use your ipod as removable hard disk and just copy the itunes file to the ipod as a file and then copy it to the new machine.

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