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Thread: Pandora at work?

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    Default Pandora at work?
    So, I've got access to a computer at work that has limited install capabilities, so I mostly can just run web applications on it, like Pandora.
    Here's what I am looking to do though, the computer that I can turn on and play music on is a decent distance from where I do my actual work, so I was hoping to find some sort of app that I could either play music on my phone and have it communicate it over the wifi to this computer's browser, or an app that would let my phone issue commands/controls to this computer playing music through pandora, like skip, thumbs up, thumbs down.... that's pretty much it.

    I really don't expect to find something that fits such specific requirements but I figured it worth checking, if it matters I am currently running 3.0 on my phone.

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    The only thing i can think of is VNC your iphone with your computer and use it as a mouse to click.

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    Am I missing something or couldn't you just accomplish what you are trying by installing pandora on your phone then using speakers if you need it louder?

    If you can see your monitor I really like an app called Snatch that is in the app store. It turns your phone into a wireless mouse and keyboard using wifi.

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    the reason why he wants control of it from his phone is because he works AWAY from his computer and doesnt want to go back to his computer to change tracks or whatever. The Snatch is a good concept but if he is too far away to see the cursor it would be trouble.

    VNC is good cause u get to see everything right on the iphone

    Go VNC, its free too.

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