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Thread: Getting iphone 3gs perks on iphone 3g?!?!?!

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    Default Getting iphone 3gs perks on iphone 3g?!?!?!
    Ok so i have read around and there are answers like i dont know,no,maybe so answers but nobody was specific in their answers.
    1)What i want to know is that is it possible to get the voice command or lets say the camera video app on the ipohone 3g. And is there anyone wrking on it, so i could follow it?

    2) second thing is that is there any app similar to the voice command(I would like to try it even if it a bit buggy. As for the camera video is there an alternative other than cycorder or video recorder 3g?

    thnx for any answers...

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    It would be possible, there is a thread floating around here somewhere about it if you search. Nothing is out yet though.

    Although the hardware isnt as "good" as on a 3GS, it would still be possible to do on a 3g with software. Dunno how possible it is to code though.

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    There is a hack to enable MMS, but if you're on at&t it will do you no good Link I know this says for 2G, but I'm told will work with the 3G

    There is also a hack to enable the battery percentage indicator by the battery Link I prefer this method to the SBSetting program because it still applies when you backup and restore your phone.

    Here is a link to enable Tethering, click here

    I am not aware of and was unable to find any hard info on enabling voice control on the 3G or 2G phones, there is a thread where people are working on it here

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    thnx and i am aware of the voice command project, I hope they succeed.

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