I am using a first generation iphone which is unlocked and jailbroken. Previously i was able to use the iphonemodem under earlier firmware updates however I am having major problems getting the iphone to keep the software open. I have downloaded the iphonemodem3 software for windows and extracted files into programmes. my iphone recognises the iphonemodem in wifi as does my netbook. I run the programme on netbook and it states open modem in iphone. When i open modem in iphone the application shuts down straight away in iphone. the application on computer says creating wifi network,waiting for iphone to join wifi, open modem on iphone.
Any ideas on how to get the iphone modem to remain open and not close itself down. I have removed the application from cydia several times and reloaded it several times and it makes no difference? 1st Gen 8G iphone running firmware 3.0.1 used with asus 1005 netbook