Hello. I am a new user of biteSMS, and I love the idea. However, I can not get this to send via biteSMS. Here is what I have:

iPhone 3G running FW 3.0
Obviously jailbroken
biteSMS 4.2 Beta 2 (or whatever the latest beta is)
AT&T is my provider

I purchased $20 in credits, and have sent about 6 messages via the biteSMS server. The sending bar moves along, and it looks as though the message was successful (it deducts a credit from me). The only problem is that the person I send the message to never gets it. I have sent to 3 different people, all on different networks, with the same results. One person is on AT&T, one on Verizon, and one on T-Mobile.

What do I need to do to make this work? I reall y donít want to be out $20 for a service that doesnít work. Thanks for your help.