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Thread: 3GS - Iphone Showing Low Partition Memory - Need Help.

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    Default 3GS - Iphone Showing Low Partition Memory - Need Help.
    Greetings, I have jailbroken my 3GS and have been installing a good number of Cydia apps on my iPhone 3GS.

    It is my understanding that once you jailbreak your iphone that your cydia apps are stored,, by default,, in the smaller partition drive. I have recently received a display message on my iPhone screen upon installing a cydia app. It said that I was running low on memory and that I may have to delete some apps to get more drive memory back. Now let me make it clear. The message was referring to drive memory and not the 256k RAM memory, just to clarify. Now getting back to that message. I presumed this was a sort of default warning system built in to warn you when your iphones hard drive partition space was running low. I know previously there were two fixes for this,,(1) was to use Bosstools, or (2) was to specifically use the PwnageTool program and make your partition bigger (an option only available via PwnageTool). From my understanding of the 3GS specifically, neither of these two options are available. Bosstool does not work for 3.0, and there is no "PwnageTool" specifically for the 3GS. (only 3G - right now)

    So my question is how do I resolve this issue, or is there any solution to this. Of course the only solution I can immediately think of is to just limit the amount of cydia apps I install. But I am trying to see if there is a more better solution to this matter.

    Can you or anyone help me on this? Thx.
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    i'm in the same boat as you. bump

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    you can delete the autocorrect foreign language files located at
    to free up over 200 MB of space on that partition! just remember that "en" is for english in case you wish to keep it.

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    Thumbs up Wow
    that really worked! thanks a lot! if theres anything else i can delete in there, let me know.


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    omg, it's awsome!!!! I just got some more disc space back, many thanks.

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