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Thread: One-click/touch button for connecting bluetooth devices?

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    Default One-click/touch button for connecting bluetooth devices?
    I have a car stereo that the iPhone pairs with via bluetooth and plays the music perfectly. The one problem is that each time I shutoff/start the car the iphone (iPhone 3GS 3.0) will not auto-reconnect to the car stereo (a Pioneer DEH-9800BT).

    What i have to do now every time i get in the car:
    1. Unlock iPhone
    2. Settings
    3. General
    4. Bluetooth
    5. tap the stereo connection in the list (it remembers it was already paired but says disconnected)
    6. wait for paired device to reconnect.
    7. then open itunes or pandora to play music.

    What I want to do:
    1. Unlock iPhone
    2. press a button on the home screen or slider in SBSettings that reconnects the stereo bluetooth device.
    3. Open itunes

    Is there any app created yet that will insert a toggle in SBSettings/bigboss or will let you create a button on the screen that that will be the 'connect/disconnect' for a bluetooth device?

    ** btw, this car deck works with every other bluetooth phone and auto-reconnects to all of them just fine. its only the iphone that won't.

    Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated!
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    SBsettings has a toggle for Bluetooth. Does that not fix it if you toggle it off then on again??

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    Quote Originally Posted by cpjr View Post
    SBsettings has a toggle for Bluetooth. Does that not fix it if you toggle it off then on again??
    No, unfortunately. Turning Bluetooth off and then back on doesn't do the trick. You actually have to open Bluetooth and then click in the device in the paired list to make it reconnect, which it will do without fail but only if manually told to so so. :-(

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    Oh thats odd.........and it sux.

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    Here's a question:

    Have you paired a lot of phones to your head unit? You said in your post that it worked with a lot of other phones... so here's my thought:

    I paired my iphone with a motorola bluetooth speakerphone. Worked great. Then I paired it with my wife's iphone so she could use it. When she was done I 'forgot the device' from her phone. It would not pair automatically with mine again. I had to forget it and then reconnect it. Works perfect again.

    Is there a way to hard reset your unit? make it forget all other parings?

    Might not be what you are looking for but it's a thought....

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    Thanks for that feedback and idea. I've done the reset a few times an also registered the iPhone with the head unit from scratch when I powered everything back on. I reset it last week when I pulled the battery cable off to replace my starter. It looks like a problem with the A2DP in 3.0. Prior to 3.0 the iPhone wouldn't play Bluetooth while paired. So uou can see the added capabilities that are included in 3.0 that are not related to the head unit. Nothing changed on the head unit. I'm convinced 100% now through rigorous testing from iPhone 1.0.1 to 2.x.x to 3.0 that the problem is with the iphone software/hardware rather than with this head unit. Prior to 3.0 the iphone would not play audio via bluetooth at all. After 3.0 now it does. Obvious that the problem of playing audio before was because the iphone didnt support it. Just as I'm convinced that while every other phone will auto-reconnect, and the iphone will only connect manually, that the problem of auto-connect is not supported yet by the iphone to car stereo head units, or at least not this one.

    After wondering why this isn't supported for the past few years, it dawned on me that the Apple devs in Cupertino, and probably most iphone users in general, probably don't have a cars, or if they do, they don't have a bluetooth capable car stereo. haha. so, maybe thats why its not supported.

    I'd be interested to hear if anyone out there is able to get their iphone to auto-reconnect to a car stereo, and if so, what kind of stereo.
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    Hello, I was looking for the same thing than you, and I found a solution here :
    Won't Auto Pair? - iPhone Forums

    Ok, the trick is this: (you'll need a landline phone or another cellphone to get it to work) get your phone to pair with the 980bt, make sure your iPhone it's registered to the deck, then leave your iPhone on the bluetooth screen where it says "discoverable"... then you'll need to call your cell phone or send a text message to it... THIS TAKES IT OFF OF THE BLUETOOTH SCREEN BUT LEAVES YOUR PHONE IN THE DISCOVERABLE STATE!!! I've had my phone set like this for almost 2 weeks and it doesn't seem to run down the battery drastically or anything. Everytime I get in my car and put my deck in, VOILA, AUTO PAIR.
    I share it here so that more people could see this.

    I did almost the same that the guy in the post above, except i didnt use a phone call, once in the bluetooth menu, while activated and "discoverable" (and not even being paired with my bt kit), I simply used SBSettings "processes" switch to kill the app "settings".

    After that when i get in my car, the Bt symbol flashes several times, and pairs automatically!
    The best thing is that it still behaves the same after I turn it off and on again using sbsettings.

    hope that helps
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    Thumbs down Thanks!
    it didnt solve it 100% but it helps. i actually used backgrounder to just keep the settings screen open in the background on the bluetooth page. that seems to help. not 100% of the time, but it works 50% of the time to auto reconnect. still sucks apple hasnt activated all the bluetooth profile that even the cheapest cell phones have.

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    one bump, I dont understand why SBSettings hasn't introduced a shortcut to force bluetooth discovery.

    Hoping for some new solution

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    ha the answer is nokia bh-905
    i bought them tooday
    that device after tourning on automatly is trying to connnect last used device so if last time uset was iphone i have just to tourn on bt in sbsettings then turn bh-905 on and it is working

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