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Thread: An announcement on the Extended Preferences Hack: This is final.

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    Default An announcement on the Extended Preferences Hack: This is final.
    After working with the iPhone Dev/Elite Team on the 1.2 jailbreak and seeing how fast they can get things done, and how talented they are, I am simply amazed. I'm going to be doing some testing over the next couple of days to make sure EPH is still working on v1.2, but I have decided that it will remain jailbreak-ware only. No official App Store release. Observing v1.2, I have found that applications are totally isolated from everything else, except for links between applications that Apple has specifically made. With the exception of a few things, like OpenGL, they're pretty much as good as web apps. They are even treated like them by the system! When you hold your finger on one, the 'x' appears and you can tap that to uninstall!

    This definitely will not fly. Extended Preferences will remain completely free of charge, and instead I will just start taking PayPal donations instead.

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    love extended preferences.....
    good choice!
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    I just might have to donate then.

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    We all appreciate your and other developers work.

    But unfortunity some dev's went paid-ware, with bug ridden programs... and no fast fixes.

    Yes, many firmwares, can cause this due to compatibility or non-testing by devs.

    As i beleive if a program works, author deserves either praise or donations.

    But many people are looking for $20 + for programs that are not unique.

    Your stand as a freeware with donations, is amazing.. Your hack ( or as many programmers call it simply mods ) allows users more functionality of out iphones. Your program makes it easy, no non-sense, plus you investigate issues and try and fix ASAP.

    I solute you and will look forward to donating to your work maybe a few times ( not a one time thing )

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