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Thread: activatemms2g?

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    For recieved messages just select the picture. then select the icon like you will forward and save image.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pqjay View Post
    For recieved messages just select the picture. then select the icon like you will forward and save image.
    Hmmmm, I do that and it does nothing.

    I select the pic and it scrolls over too a full size version of the pic. At the bottom left corner it has a save option. I hit that and it acts like it saves, but I cant find it anywhere.
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    Here is my situation. Earlier I was able to send and receive MMS using the new hack. It would also pop up on my springboard and let me know I had a incoming piciture message.

    After a reboot the following is happening. I can receive some pictures and some I can't. It will send everything out, but only certain things will come back as I'm sending them to my own phone. For instance, when I take a picture with the camera 9 times out of 10 I can receive the image. No images pop up any more, but I get a badge letting me know one has arrived.

    If I choose an exisiting image it will send it, but I will never receive it.

    So curious as to why I was able to receive the pop ups and everything, but now I can't? Also why am I able to send all MMS, but only receive some of them back. Any help would be great!

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    If anyone still looking for how to activate MMS on 2G, after installing it from cydia, go settings then in to messages and in there is the on and off for MMS. thats where mine is.

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    ^ i posted my question here

    (got a little too greedy )
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    dude no need to post the same message in two seperate threads at once i know you wanna get it working and all
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    Agreed very much!

    I just saw like 3 good threads on here in different sections, I was afraid I wasn't gunna get an answer one of them, so I posted in two!

    Thanks for helping on the other though.

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    no Prob

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    maybe one of u can help me, iphone 2g on 3.0 OS. install the activatemms2g, edit the apn, but i dont get any picture icon on my sms....
    also under settings>messages> theres nothing allowing me to activate it as one of the users suggested.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RICCO21 View Post
    yes this works but use these setting (just send a message trying to see if they receive it)

    Make sure "Data Roaming" - ON
    Cellular Data:
    APN -
    Username -
    Password -

    APN -
    Username -
    Password -
    MMSC -
    MMS Proxy -
    MMS Max Message Size -
    MMS UA Prof URL -
    I used these settings and they wouldn't work for me (T-Mobile USA). It got to about 90% finished (like others have stated on here) and sat for a while before shooting the error that it couldn't send the message. I finally figured out that one of the parameters wasn't right

    I changed the MMSC to:

    I left everything else the same as you had suggested and rebooted the phone. The MMS sent out (according to the phone) just fine after that. I haven't gotten a confirmation reply from the recipient because it's almost 2AM here, haha.

    For those that are having trouble getting their APN settings to show up, I had the same issue after installing the application. I uninstalled some of the other cydia APN apps and it popped back on after rebooting (namely the one for T-Mobile). Not sure if it'll help any of you, but it worked for me after messing with it for the last 45 minutes...heh...

    EDIT: I just had a friend confirm that he received the picture.
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    For some reason my Mail,contacts,etc section under settings is gone ever since i got this running on my phone. Now i cant add another mail account and stuff. Any idea on why?

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    I've tried everything, rebooting, reseting network settings but the MMS settings will not stick at all!! Has anybody got it to stick without follwoing these methods because none seem to be working for me I'm on O2-UK btw
    Edit. I got the MMS settings to stick after doing a restore of the iPhone, weird. I restored from backup then and now settings will not stick again.
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    Default Yeeha!
    Works for me on Vodafone NZ. A little trick to get MMS APN to stick ;-)

    Step 1.
    Change your Cellular Data APN to the address of your MMS APN (I know it sounds strange, do it!) Then hit return and go back to network.

    Step 2.
    Re-enter Cellular data and change your MMS APN to the correct MMS APN. (same as you entered in Cellular Data APN). I used copy and paste (Because we can ;-) ) Then hit return and go back to network.

    Step 3.
    Re-enter Cellular data once more, and change your Cellular Data APN to the correct address, this time when you hit enter and exit you will notice that the MMS APN doesn't revert. HooRa!!! Your done, should now be up and running with MMS on iPhone 2g OS 3.0 :-D

    Any troubles or if it don't work, I'm sorry but I have no idea. Worked for me tho, and made my day :-) Hope I helped and if so, hit thanks :-)


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    I downloaded this and it bricked my iphone It just stays at the boot screen and won't connect to my computer or anything

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    Quote Originally Posted by DayumQuitPlayin View Post
    I didn't know Cydia had carrier bundles.
    What is the source for the carrier bundles?

    Just an update, I restored my iPhone and JB it again.
    I tried going through the steps again and still no luck.
    I don't know how some of you guys manage to get it working on your devices. I'm doing the same exact thing as you guys.
    Maybe it's luck, or maybe you're omitting parts ..but no success.

    I did manage to get Push Notifications working tho. I'm happy about that!!!
    Howd you get push working with the 2g? is your phone unlocked?

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    It worked on my 2G 3.0 unlocked with T-Mobile.

    I still had my original AT&T SIM *not in use anymore*
    I put my original ATT SIM in, and restored my iPhone.
    iTunes tries to activate it. *says waiting for activation*
    I set up BeejiveIM. Enabled Push Notifications. Tested it by sending an IM to myself and it worked.
    Then, I jailbroke my iPhone. Went back into BeejiveIM and tested it again by sending myself an IM and it worked again.
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    If you restart your device after you get mms working you will have to do the steps of putting your sim in another none iPhone and connect to Internet and then swap sim back to iPhone. In shot try to avoid rebooting your device as it stops mms from working.

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    im on AT&T and ive been tryna get this to work for so long. I've got the camera icon in my text my settings set up and my apn sticks. when i try to send a pic it stops at like 90% and gives me and error can anyone help. And in the settings do we need the password and username?

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    My original post on page 7 should be all you need.

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