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Thread: (WINDOWS) **CUSTOMIZE** on 1.1.3 and 1.1.4

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    Default (WINDOWS) **CUSTOMIZE** on 1.1.3 and 1.1.4

    ALL OF THIS IS FULLY CREDITED TO one1 for creating this guide originally for the MAC OS X version. I pretty much copied and pasted it. All I did was change it to windows compatible SSH program and edit a couple details. So not much done but 10min of grabing links and creating thread.

    New News as of 3/12/08.. About a new Customize Version maybe being released soon. Check it Out.

    I myself have used ILiberty (WIN ONLY):
    to jailbreak my iphone and used this method.
    This guide worked for me the first time no problem, Seems that is would be faster than the installer way. Only took me 2minutes to finish or less. I personally have not tried the installer method posted so use which ever one you prefer, here is a link to that also:

    One1: "***Subnote ***To eliminate earlier rumors about Ziphone compatibility I did a complete restore on my iPhone to 1.1.4 and broke it open with ziphone's latest version. Works flawlessly.***"

    Ok, no matter how many times it has been said how to make it work, people still screw it up. If you do it exactly like this, IT WILL WORK FLAWLESSLY.

    (1). Make sure you have BSD and SSH installed on your phone. If you have one, you have the other ....and you likely already have this since it is the first thing most people install when they jailbreak and start using installer.

    (2). Download Skylar's hacked version of customize here and unzip it remember where you unzipped this file on your hard drive:

    (3). Download WinSCP:

    Open WinSCP and log in to your iphone using SSH. (name:ROOT pass:ALPINE) Make sure the port number is 22. Also change the file protocol to SCP. To find out what your IP number is for your phone, simply go into your phone settings>wifi>*select your router using the blue arrow*- it will show you your IP addy..... write that down. Also while you are in settings, set your autolock to NEVER.

    (4). Now that you are logged in through SSH using WinSCP, go to /APPLICATIONS and click the arrow to expand the applications folder. *Make sure you are out of /var/...*

    (5). Locate the Customize folder that you downloaded and unzipped in step (2). Inside there you will find the folder. Drag it inside the iphone /APPLICATIONS folder in WinSCP this is located on the right side.

    (6). Now, open your terminal application through WinSCP. Simply copy and paste the following:

    /bin/chmod -R 755 /Applications/


    /bin/chmod +s /Applications/


    (7). Close the terminal window, you are done. Now completely turn your phone off by holding the top key until you get the "slide to turn off" option and do so.

    (8). Turn your phone back on. Try to open customize again. It might crash on the first try (mine did), but should pick up on the next try. Just try to open it one more time, it takes a few seconds and then it opened.

    Hit the thanks button for both of us
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    Why don't you PM one, and have him implement this into an ALREADY thriving thread?


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    Well, Im a noob and the instructions were kind of vague in one area so I am having a problem.

    I have located the customize folder under applications and you want me to drag it where?

    The instructions seem to say drag it to applications....well, isnt it already there?

    Please straighen out this confused noob, thanks.

    ok, I figured it out, now to see if it works.

    I got it, many thanks!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Reako View Post
    Why don't you PM one, and have him implement this into an ALREADY thriving thread?

    Don't know why I didn't think of that before. Just figured that Mac and Windows might deserve their or threads? Thought wrong probably. I sent One1 a PM so we'll see what he would like to do.

    Thanks for the idea, that I should have thought about before hand.

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    not working for me on 114. customize keeps crashing after spicy chicken

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    Quote Originally Posted by dhawalsinha View Post
    not working for me on 114. customize keeps crashing after spicy chicken
    I'm not sure why it wouldn't? What method did you use to jailbreak? I used ILiberty and it works perfect on mine. Let me know.

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    doesn't work for me either

    1.1.4 ziphone jailbroken...
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    windows and osx work differently and need different threads. a lot can go wrong using windows. apple to apple is a lot smoother.

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