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Thread: Removing old app data from iPhone?

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    Default Removing old app data from iPhone?
    Recently during my Restore/Upgrade of my jailbroken iPhone 2G to OS 3.0, I noticed that settings for previously installed (but since deleted) apps were in my iPhone backup files (when examined via Iphone Backup Extractor). I became suspicous when I reinstalled a few apps I deleted months ago, and the settings/data was intact. I then deleted the local backups on my Mac and created a new one, which still contained these old settings. Unless there is another backup store on my Mac I'm unaware of, these old settings must be being retained and copied from somewhere on my iPhone, but I'm not sure where when browsing the file system via SSH. Again, the apps are not installed on the iPhone, but the settings seem to be.*Has anyone experienced a similar problem, or know how to get rid of this old data once and for all? I don't want to have it copied to my new iPhone 3GS. Thanks!**
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    The only way I have been able to get rid of everything was to set the phone up as new after you restore.

    It is not an ideal way to set up your phone as you have to manually add everything back to the phone....contacts, music, movies, podcasts, etc etc but it really only takes like 2 minutes.

    I found that if I restored from a backup I often had a lot of clutter and not to mention a lot of my jailbreak left behind(even when running a stock phone). The phone runs a lot better this way as well.

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    I've thought about doing a clean restore, but I don't want to loose the data from my good apps (like saved games and high scores). Does anyone know where these files would be stored in the iPhone hierarchy? The ideal solution would be a way to backup and restore individual apps from iTunes, which would be great for saved game files.

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