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Thread: Looking for an app to "Loop" Springboard

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    Default Looking for an app to "Loop" Springboard
    Hey all I'm looking for an app, or a developer to make it, that will make spring board "loop" it's pages. When I get to the last page and scroll again, I want to be back at the first page. So what do you all say, can it/has it been done?


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    Default Panorama and Barrel
    YES this would be a great tweak to see be developed. I use images that are for Compiz 3D cube rotation feature called SKYDOMES. This is a Linux thing. The idea is the pictures are full 360 degree images, taken with a globe lens, and then when you rotate the cube, there is a background image that is set to "animate" or scroll as the cube rotates.

    SO....if there were something that would allow me to loop the pages on my iPod, I could use Panorama, with the wallpaper set to one of these skydome images, and it would look like standing in a single spot in a room and being able to rotate there and see all 360 of the room!!!

    ALSO, if there were an app like this, you could use BARREL, and set your springboard layout up to have apps on only 4 pages (or if you usually on have them crowded on 1 or 2, apps spread out over 4 whole pages) Then you set Barrel up on cube (inside or outside) and you could continuously rotate the cube, making the 3D effect more convincing to the eye!

    I think, for my first example, someone should develop an app that actually DOES the skydome feature. Actually wrap a 360 degree image around, AND provide scrolling in a loop, but even the Panorama route would suffice.

    Dev guys out there.......I'd be willing to donate a good chunk of change for this. Or pay for the app via cydia. Either way.

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