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Thread: iPhone app for im + irc?

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    Default iPhone app for im + irc?
    hi all i have an instant messenger program on my iphone (Nimbuzz) and an irc program (limechat) but is there one that does both as i need to talk to my msn buddies and my irc buddies at the same time?

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    Nope. Wish there was.

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    wow that's a big shame... is there not an IM app that sits in the background? as we can then load up an irc app? (or vice versa)

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    I use Colloguy and BeeJive IM (which will keep you logged in) and you can use "backgrounder" to keep them running.

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    i've tried backgrounder but haven't had any luck with it

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    Quote Originally Posted by steve51184 View Post
    i've tried backgrounder but haven't had any luck with it
    What do you mean by that? Backgrounder runs perfectly.
    Backgrounding Beejive, while using your prefered IRC app, is definitly the way to go now, if you want to use both at the same time.

    I'm not really sure about Backgrounder's new Task List Mode, but iHome's (now MQuickdo I think) Appswitcher lets you jump from one app to the other in no time.

    Bottom line, use backgrounder!

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    what about ram limitations?

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    Quote Originally Posted by steve51184 View Post
    what about ram limitations?
    Of course, there are limitations to how much you can do at the same time, but backgrounding Beejive and let's say colloquy, jumping between these two should not be a problem at all.

    If you make sure you terminate unneeded stuff like Safari, while you're chatting, you should have enough free memory to use the chat apps with no memory issues.

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    to much work for what i want (i know it's not hard) but i want a simple option like IM+ to have irc support.. they now have twitter support so i can hope

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    Well, as of yet nothing is out. So either you do it the hard way, or dont do it at all.

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    then i don't do it but thank you for the help

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