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Thread: iRealsms 2.0 update issues

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    Default iRealsms 2.0 update issues
    Hi people,
    I apologize if this is not the appropriate section to post this.

    I'm using a 3G running a JBen 2.2, and have just upgraded iRealsms 2.0 landscape (paid version) and SBS settings and SBS Toggles yesterday morning. Upong installing these, my phone started crashing into Safe Mode, went on crashing all day long and is still in the same state. I tried reinstalling, removing and redownloading every suspicious package from Cydia, but bottomline is: whenever I receive a text, springboard crashes and Safe Mode is launched.

    I thought for a while the new 3.0 compatible SBS settings was responsible, but since the phone works fine when I uninstall irealsms, I guess we have a winner. Even if I install it, but keep the Apple Text App. as main text hook, I still get crashes every time somebody texts me...

    I have removed and reinstalled both ireal and SBS settings about 5 times, and played around with the settings, but to no avail.

    Any ideas?

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    SB Settings is def not the program that's causing crashing with iReal. List all other mobile substrate apps you have installed.

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    thanks for the support

    I posted on their forums too, but it seems like the devs consider this version quite stable and not buggy. Some guy had the same issue which if fixed by getting rid of the badge notification, which I don't have, so no help from there.

    Here are the substrates I'm running:

    20secLockscreen ON
    Backgrounder ON
    Cydelete ON
    Cyntact ON
    FiveIconDock ON (but only 4 icons docked at the moment)
    HWPlanner ON (only one I haven't fully upgraded as they're planning on releasing a few more updates in a row)
    PrefHooker-iKeyEx ON
    PreferenceLoader ON (I did upgrade the SupremePreference now that I think of it...)
    PwnPlayerLib ON
    RotationInhibitor ON
    SBHooker-iKeyEx ON
    SpringJumps (3 icons in use)
    StatusNotifier ON(if the Notifier is OFF... I'm currently testing both to decide which icons I like best)
    VoIPover3G ON
    WinterBoard ON (nothing new in there these last few days)
    iRealSMS ON
    Notifier ON(if StatusNotifier OFF)

    That's it. Winterboard is down to lockscreen slider, side-to-side loader, and colorful that's about it.

    EDIT: I just asked a friend to text me, got a crash, and interestingly, when I exited Safe Mode, Springboard TRIED to launch, and froze. I could see the Day and Date superposed over the status bar, where only the time should be. I am NOT using any winterboard tweak or theme to provide this Time And Day thingy... I just checked WinterBoard to be sure....
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    Other than the fact that you just have entirely too many mobile substrate apps eating up all your RAM (free memory) I don't see anything major. When you have all this installed open SB settings and report how much free memory you have. Crashing to safe mode is a result of running out of free memory.

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    Yeah I guess I should clean up a bit, I'm an enthusiastic Cydia user. But I was having near zero problems until right before the upgrades. And I'm playing LootWars and online games everyday, webbrowsing and listening to music at the same time since 2.2 without any problems...

    I also respring a few times a day and reboot at least once/24h.
    And I check memory usage before launching demanding apps...

    Hi people,

    Some update since my last post half a page above this one:

    Last night while trying to toggle off a few things to see what was creating the conflict, my phone crashed (=______=)

    I got stuck in the endless reboot state, and had to restore and reJB today. I installed what I consider the bare minimum, haven't even launched WinterBoard yet, but still, Springboard crashes upon receiving a text, and irealsms isn't even checked as Main text app.

    Here's what I have installed these last 30min, I haven't done or use anything else beyond launching Cydia to install stuff:

    (SB ON means they are running as substrates in SB settings)

    Categories(not used yet)
    Cyntact ON
    dTunes (not used yet)
    hClipboard (not ON yet)
    Rainbow Music Player (theme, not activated)
    Rotation Inhibitor ON
    Safari Download Plug-in
    SB Settings
    Snapture (paid)
    SpringBack (not used yet) ON
    SpringJumps (3 icons used)
    Supreme Preferences ON
    VoIPover3G ON
    WebViewController (installed automatically with the latest Supreme Preferences)
    WinterBoard ON
    20 Second Lock Screen ON
    iRealSMS (latest version paid) ON

    Plus the following substrates:

    PrefHooker-iKeyEX ON
    SBHooker-iKeyEX ON

    Here are the current settings in iRealSMS 2.0 Landscape:

    Run in background OFF
    Compatibility mode OFF
    Alert in iRealSMS OFF
    Default autocorrect OFF
    AutoCap ON
    Ask for Confirm OFF
    Autorate (checked)
    Order of contact names (untouched)
    Show new SMS icon ON
    Enable quick reply ON
    Quick reply at lockscreen ON
    Mark always as read ON
    Hide keyboard OFF
    Show call button OFF
    Quick send hotkeys (double home)
    quicksend on lockscreen OFF
    quicknotes on Save OFF
    Start with favorites OFF
    Show SMS alert ON
    SB dim time 40sec
    Auto Delete messages OFF
    Blacklisted numbers: NONE
    Enable master password OFF
    Enable sent notifications OFF

    I have tried toggling on and off pretty much everything, just having the app installed on springboard makes it crash whenever I get some new text....

    The phone is freshly restored and jailbroken, and I haven't synced it yet beyond my contacts. I started having problems right after installing, but also upgraded SB settings and supreme preferences on that day.
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    I use most of the stuff you're using, incl. iRealSMS and I don't have any problems with SMS...

    From what I see on your list, I would try to go without supreme prefs (SBSettings definitly isn't the root of your problem) and also without 20sec lockscreen (since you already have that option in the iReal prefs).

    If that doesn't prevent the crashes, you should try turning off all Mobile Substrate extensions in SBSettings, except iReal, have your friend send you a message, and one by one turning on extensions, repeating the message thing everytime.

    If springboard doesn't crash the first time (which I doubt it will), you should be able to easily find out what's wrong.

    If you run into unexpected problems again at some point, maybe you should start again with a fresh Jailbreak (using Pwnage Tool, not Quickpwn), then installing only the minimum you need to test out iReal's behaviour. I'm pretty sure, you won't run into any problems with iReal this way. But beware(!), when you install your other stuff afterwards. Check iReal's behaviour, anytime you install something, that's loaded into Springboard. Otherwise you might end up with the same problem, having lost maybe 3 hours of your youth

    Good luck, and keep us updated

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    thanks . Seems like a dozen people have the same issue. I tried turning everything off and then On one by one, but the only effect is general troubles with the related apps. Ie, suddenly safari doesnt work and i have to reboot, etc. I noticed a few users including myself are in "exotic" countries rather than the states. What's wrong with quickpwn?

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    Quote Originally Posted by albior View Post
    thanks for the support

    I posted on their forums too, but it seems like the devs consider this version quite stable and not buggy. Some guy had the same issue which if fixed by getting rid of the badge notification, which I don't have, so no help from there.
    I consider the app stable, statistically for over 99% of the user base. There is out of the thousands of customers that use iRealSMS, about a dozen reports of this problem... so Im not saying it doesnt exist because obviously it does, and Im not saying it isnt important, because it is(you paid for the app, and I want you to be able to use it as intended). What I need to figure out, is what else you have in common, as I havent been able to find a pattern in you apps use or anything as of yet.

    I started a thread in our forum to try and gather info
    iRealSMS - your REAL native landscape SMS app on the iPhone • View topic - iRealSMS Safe Mode Crashes?

    but I would like you to post on mmi too, in case anyone else had this problem and was able to fix it somehow.

    If you want to try to restore your phone again, I would suggest when prompted to restore from backup OR start as new phone, to start as new phone... restoring from backup can restore corrupt files that could cause certain apps to behave in ways they were not designed to.

    Also I would suggest after a fresh restore, that you ONLY install iRealSMS 2.0.
    Test it out now, and see if the problem still exist.
    If it doesnt crash anymore, then start installing your normal apps.
    allow a respring,
    and then test iRealSMS again(send yourself a text)
    if it doesnt crash, continue to install apps. Eventually I would assume that you will come across what is causing the crash.

    Sorry I put this on you... but I can not reproduce the problem you are having no matter how hard I try.
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    Hi Rez,
    I'm already posting as AmonRa on your site
    I unfortunately don't have the time to restore right now, i've already crashed the phone trying to fix this on thursday night and spent half a day on the web and restoring
    Basically after restoring, I installed irealsms right off cydia right after snapture but before all the rest, still made springboard crash...
    Any chance the foreign phone numbers are responsible?

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    This is quoted off my first post on the crash thread on the ireal forum:
    i have received an increasing amount of users say that they are now experiencing safe mode crashes since upgrading to of now there are at least a dozen reports)
    i am frustrated and puzzled by this as we while testing the betas, both and never had any crash reports, so i would think the official release would've been bug free, but apparently this is not the case.

    now i need anyone whom is experiencing safe mode crashes to please describe the problem... I need to find a pattern here.
    1) does this only happen when you receive an sms? Or also when you send? Or does it just happen randomly?
    2) is this happening only on the lockscreen? Only in the springboard? Only within the ireal app or applesms app? Or is it happening all over the place?
    3) what firmware are you running?
    4) what apps are you running? Intelliscreen? Iblacklist? Mcleaner? Anything of interest?
    5) list your mobile substrate apps if you can
    you can view what mobile substrate is using by going into cydia and select mobile substrate - remove, and it will show a list of apps that rely on mobile substrate like this and of course you just cancel the uninstall..

    6) are you using any app that alters the keyboard? Cause it could be an issue with the keyboard in the quickreply causing the springboard to crash.

    here are a few things you can try:
    1) the problem may exist in a corrupt sms.db or plist file. So you can follow this tutorial which will help you delete both these files. But make a backup of your sms.db just in case this doesnt solve your problem, you can copy it back over because this will delete all your saved sms messages, drafts and templates... But please give it a shot, as i want to cover all bases!
    iRealSMS - your REAL native landscape SMS app on the iPhone • View topic - quicksend problems!

    2) ]please try this if you are running the new sbsettings: Try going into sbsettings - more - mobile substrate addons - and turn off everything except irealsms then respring, and see if you still get the crash bug... If not, then activate one toggle at a time and you can weed out which one is causing the conflict...

    3) try installing our lite version, irealquicksms... This is just the quickreply/quicksend plugins... I want to know if you still experience the crash bug within this app as well, or if it only with irealsms full version.

    The more info you can give us the better. In the words of jerry maquire, "help me help you."

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