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  • No, i am with AT&T

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Thread: How many of you have unlocked your iPhone

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    iPhone? More like MyPhone gavko's Avatar
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    i bought 5 iphones and unlocked all of them.3 are in slovakia running slovak t-mobile and 2 are here in us unlocked but running on att.

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    iPhone? More like MyPhone rvlyssup's Avatar
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    We have 4 lines with AT&T...see sig.

    Also did it cuz I can't leave well enough alone.
    My Week 51 8Gig is "retired", currently using i580 on Boost Mobile. Yeah, I miss my i...
    Wifey's - 8GB 3G unlocked & jailbroken using blacksn0w, GO GEO!
    Also retired Week 29 4 GiG on 3.1 custom firmware & originally Unlocked & JB via WinPwn.
    Unbranded & Unlocked Custom WM6 Cingy 8125, R.I.P Cingy 8525 (WSOD)
    BB Bold, Miami Ink v3, v235, & an mpx220, all unlocked!

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    I have unlocked 3 iphones so far, all working with AT&T, except 1.

    I am using a 16gb unlocked/hacktivation and with AT&T, sometime travel out of the country. Comes in handy then.

    I don't want to be locked to Apple & AT&T, just added unlimited data to my regular plan.
    I just don't have visual vm, which I don't care too much for.

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    i have a 16 gb 1.1.3 obt unlocked with rogers.

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    I have unlock it and use AT&AT when I'm in US and Wind when I'm in EU.

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    i unlocked 7 iphones and sold 6 kept one

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    Don't forget to hit the thanks button =]

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    Green Apple xxiii's Avatar
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    unlocked, it'd be kind of hard to use t-mobile otherwise

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    I want to unlock it with ziphone but I'm not sure what to do

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    If I helped you, help me and hit thanks

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    Green Apple
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    Unlocked UK iPhone, 1.1.4FM, 04.04.05_G BaseBand, 3.9BL ZiPhoned... Running great on O2 PAYG and Orange

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    iPhone? More like MyPhone jiggykilla's Avatar
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    Default ye, i unlocked my phone and proud of it!
    Yes, my iphone is Jailsmashed, jailbusted and jailiberated! i have absolute control!
    My Arrival Was Imminent!

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    GO UNLOCKING!!!! Even if I used AT&T I would, just so I could use it internationally.

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    I'm asking for your patience with a stupid question but I am using my jailbroken iPhone with AT&T which I purchased the day the iPhone was released. I'm on 1.1.4 and used iLiberty+ to jailbreak and I've had no problems whatsoever. I never saw a need to unlock. But now I'm planning a trip to Mexico for less than a week and the idea of paying $1 a minute for phone calls and a billion dollars a kilobyte for data is making me feel like I don't have a phone to use. Here's my dumb question: If I unlock and buy a SIM card to use there...will I be able to use data (internet and email access) with the card I buy? How does this work?

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    Unlocked and using t-mobile everything sweet here

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    1.1.4 Iphone on ATT pay-go card. On Wifi and lovin it..... Iliberty+ unlock

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    iPhone? More like MyPhone elsgk2's Avatar
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    Orignally kept my iphone new in the box for two months until I was sure that SealthSim worked.

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    Bought an iphone on first price drop, unlocked/jailbroke it on first day. Added my orange contract sim card and modded it by 3rd day!

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    1.1.4 Complete noob and unlocked using iLiberty for Mac. Tried pwnage but for some reason I kept getting it slightly wrong. I'm impatient so used the iLiberty tool.

    Fantastic results. Thanks to everyone on here who helps thicko's like me.

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