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  • No, i am with AT&T

    100 17.45%
  • Yes, i use a different carrier with an unlocked iPhone

    389 67.89%
  • I have unlocked but still am on AT&T

    84 14.66%
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Thread: How many of you have unlocked your iPhone

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    I hacked for T-Mobile, because as an employee you can't beat paying 10 bucks a month for a lot minutes and unlimited data!

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    I have unlocked two iPhones, one using the old manual command line method, and one using Erica's unlock application.

    I am using it with T-Mobile pay as you go, since I don't really use the phone much, and only incurred about $75 in cell phone charges last year at $0.10/minute. While it would certainly be nice to have EDGE enabled as well, I couldn't really justify getting locked into a contract.

    The first iPhone was exchanged due to the negative black issue, which Apple is not officially acknowledging, and so I had to make quite a fuss before they would exchange it. A good way to check if you have the issue is to go to the home screen, and hold the off button, until the red slider appears. When this happens, look at the black background, you should see your home screen icons, but significantly dimmed. If the icons appear darker than the background, then you have the dreaded negative black problem which has been plaguing the iPod touches.

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    i still use at&t and of course to use it overseas instead of expensive per/min. roaming

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    Well alot of my friends as well as myself use Tmobile so I unlocked 10 8gb Iphones and they all work great except one of my buddies dropped his and actually cracked the corner of his screen.

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    i finally did my phone an im using tmobile yeah omg so much better then att i think .. now im trying to get edge going and its being a pain...

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    I have mine unlocked and using T-Mobile.

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    i unlock my iphone by iphone SimFree, and use T-mobile

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    modded, not unlocked

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    iPhone? More like MyPhone
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    Im about to unlock my phone... shud i use AnySim, SimFree, iUnlock or any others? which one should i choose? lol


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    iPhone? More like MyPhone
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    unlock and using t-mobile.

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    Livin the iPhone Life aziatiklover's Avatar
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    Yes, i use a different carrier with an unlocked iPhone

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    IM going to get one and UNLCOK IT!!
    Iphone Love... I dreamed of a iphone before it was out..

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    Vala Mobile

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    Unlocked and on Telenor Sweden. Love every time someone stares at me longingly (ok, it's not me, just my iPhone) when I'm on the subway.

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    I have to admit, I am surprised by this poll. I am AT&T, i have no reason to be otherwise, but its cool that so many people are benefiting from the iPhone outside AT&T and the USA
    Dear iPhone 3.0.
    Please keep me from buying a Palm Pre.


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    Guess 'i still use windows', sigh, (MacPortable since OS6).

    Anyway, got a 4G on 6/29 for the wife, off to Key West, rock star status for July 4th, (HiTech meets LowLife). Using Maps on US 41 in Everglades, held on steering wheel, she took it away. Love the thing.
    Price drops, upgrade her to 8G Refurb, sweet. Do SIM Transplant, iTunes & att bless it.
    Yum, 4G available.
    Dad still stuck w/T-Mobile till 4/08. All but phone services available w/o SIM. (Best iPod/Newton ever, better than my eMate, it did look soooo cool, though.)
    Got antsy. God I hate that RAZR V3xx now.
    -Done. Freed that poor 4G. I knew I might be one of Mr. Job's 'mice'.
    T-Mobile w/EDGE, (as slow as att). Sweet 'nuff w/3rd party apps.

    What next ?

    It's up to us.


    Every time I look @ the Menu Bar & see what used to be shareware sitting there, I am reminded that Apple did not write all of the OS. They welcomed the hobbyists, the renegades, the free & those that did not buy the company line, to think differently, stay up late & play Warren Zevon really loud as they changed the world.

    Keep up the good Work.
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    well i probably will
    Iphone Love... I dreamed of a iphone before it was out..

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    Living in freedom and using MX Telcel carrier

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    Unlocked - Vodafone Netherlands

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