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  • No, i am with AT&T

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Thread: How many of you have unlocked your iPhone

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    Green Apple vaughnhenry2's Avatar
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    Default Unlocked
    I unlocked my iPhone just to try the unlock software, but I am an att user

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    iPhone? More like MyPhone zoidberg md's Avatar
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    Im with att no reason to unlock and edge in this area isnt 1/2 bad

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    iPhone? More like MyPhone owensdus's Avatar
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    I have unlocked 11 iphones

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    I am unlocked and on the True net in Thailand.

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    I am unlocked ,, I an useing Rogers here in Canada.

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    Cool Unlocked from day 1
    I hve unlocked my iPhone since iUnlock came out, using Telcel here in Mexico and Movistar for the data plan, i hoping for 3g to move to iusacell who has it here. modding? i just start it 3 days ago.


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    i unlocked and am with Tmobile but for the moment i'm using a pre paid plan to see how i like everything. and as to people saying that the new update will break the unlock so whats the point. i say well acually i would be happy to leave it where it is if i HAD too. but too you can turn off the auto updating and wait and see what happens.

    and if it does relock i'm sure it won't be long before someone re-unlocks it.
    btw thanks to everyone that got this site going and to everyone that helped me out when i was having issues and of course the people that write all the fun stuff we put on our phones! keep up the good work =)
    Bio Boosting iPhone Armour

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    unlocked at&t customer here

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    AT&T is fine for me..

    I have unlocked I guess... I refer to it as jail-breaked more or less... Just to make the iPhone even better then what it already is =]

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    Talking Unlock success for Asia Singapore
    Hi I'm from Singapore. Unlocked successfully iPhone for Singtel of 3G sim card V2 class. Activated for our sim without opening or using turbo sim or silvercard. Full bar signals. Activated youtube for playback. Tested wireless FM transmitter as well for iphone.

    It is fun!

    Dave Tan

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    Can't use AT&T and i like to play with new stuffs...

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    Anyone know of an iphone unlock hack that doesn't get affected by upgrading the software?

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    Quote Originally Posted by owensdus View Post
    I have locked 11 phones since it came out...... 9 for tmobile and 2 for cellular one.

    Yup! He unlocked mine on T-mobile! LOVE IT! Works Great!

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    iPhone? More like MyPhone antiflash's Avatar
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    unlocked mine and 16 others...
    Black 16GB 3G iPhone w/bestskinever
    Q6600, 3GB RAM, Vista Ultimate Desktop Box
    2 Hands, 10 Fingers, etc
    Temporary Eee PC Portable

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    Default Successfully unlocked
    Using Vodafone Germany here

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    the people that have an unlock iphone, does your youtube work and if so how did you do it and where can i find the steps?


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    Youtube works fine on the ones unlocked in OS X. I believe someone said you can fix it by simply making sure your time is set correctly. I don't know about that though. Please keep your question to one post though, you've asked this elsewhere as well!

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    yea, using the newest iNdependence apparently will fix the problem.
    At least mine did

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    I unlocked it for use overseas, but still use ATT/Cingular at home due to coverage issues where I live...
    I still use Windows sometimes.

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    hacked mines for tmobile b/c i didnt see the point of having a new 2 year contract just for "visual voicemail"

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